In my experience, reason neither enables nor supports empathy or social justice.

Essence of Experience in Blue Magick

Blue Magick

Today, we are talking about blue magick. It’s a strange and little bit complicated topic, but I will do my best.

What would you say is the essence of any experience?

The emotions involved? Emotion, excellent. You’ve got right to the heart of things. How wide would you say the range of emotional experience is in our life experience?

Very. Is anything really without any emotional content?

Is boredom an emotion? It is. Boredom being a complex of a few emotions. Contempt and disgust spring readily to my mind, but can you look at anything with literally no feeling in it? I have feelings when looking at dog waste just as much as when looking at a pretty flower.

Emotion is a response. We respond to everything. Light to bright … You had an emotional reaction to it. Speech too long … You had an emotional reaction to it also.

Does disinterest count? Disinterest is also an emotion. You have feelings that lead you to designate one or more things as disinteresting. Even the experience of disinterest means different things to different people. For me, disinterest ultimately means non-comprehension. Does it mean that for you?

For me, disinterest and non-comprehension are two different things. Often, if I don’t understand something, that makes me more interested. For me, they are the same, otherwise I don’t experience disinterest. I can find someones taste in breakfast cereal interesting, but an insistence on self annihilation on the other hand …

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But my point is, and tell me if you think this is fair to say, there is an emotional component to literally everything we experience. Every waking moment has an emotional tide flowing through it.

I agree, just unfortunately many don’t know how to recognize all their emotions or they’re so use to ignoring them they don’t know they’re there.

Does advertising really work by providing you with information?

It elicits an emotional response. No, that’s secondary. Secondary if present at all. They can throw a string of emotional triggers and as long as their suggestion about what to do about that feeling is clear, the advertisement will work. I have seen some very minimal advertisements with just a short statement after a big emotional build up, and they stuck in peoples memories better than any infomercial does.

Hence all the semi-naked women and men in advertising. Yes, but let’s go deeper than that. Can you have no emotional reaction to nature? Be completely indifferent to the weather? Not be moved by watching cute baby animals? There is a telephone company here that uses that as their whole marketing scheme. Show you cute baby animals and somehow link that image to cell phone technology.

Why do we bond with each other? Is it really for practical reasons?

Survival of the species. I don’t contribute to the survival of the species myself, yet I am still valued. It’s the emotions we feel for each other. A culture that sidelines or breeds disdain for emotion would look like what?

Nazi’s. Maybe look something like the developed nations do now? America, Japan, England, oh the whole list of wealthy nations. Do they really look that different from each other?

People have complained how they’re looking the same more and more. Globalization.

England and Japan – both islands with imperialistic tendencies. Yes, Italy at one time was a peninsula with the same tendencies. Let’s spread our culture to these other poor benighted souls, and seize all they have in payment for our noble effort to uplift the savages.

The states seem pretty imperialistic. We are a child of England.

I think small amounts of land makes competition that much more intense until it bubbles over.

What motivates anything? Math? Rationality? Science?

Needs, wants. Are those emotions? Cripple someone emotionally and they will ignore even the most fundamental needs.

When the noble savages met the savage nobles… Very well stated. It is exactly what happened. Crimes of nature being replaced by more organized crimes. We still slash and burn and salt the earth just as the ancient Romans did, just in a high tech way now.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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