'Blue Magick' Chapter

Applied Blue Magick

Belief and emotion are the two primary forces behind blue magick, and paradoxically, they have everything and nothing to do with reality as we normally know it. The blue is a great sea of mind and we are the fish, yet the behaviour of our minds still reflect the behaviour of the blue just like our blood imitates the sea. The blue is the first dream, the first sleep, only later do we know others.

To see the reality behind the blue you have to scan the space between sanity and insanity. There is a reality, but neither sanity nor insanity will show it to you. You have to allow for those little course corrections, neither sane nor insane.

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Essence of Experience

Today, we are talking about blue magick. It’s a strange and little bit complicated topic, but I will do my best. What would you say is the essence of any experience? The emotions involved? Emotion, excellent. You’ve got right to… Seek More

Forces Behind Blue Magick

All things are motivated by the person believing it will make them happy? What makes you believe? What people tell you. Imagination of an outcome? I have never believed something just because someone told me, and have imagined outcomes I didn’t… Seek More

Through the Blue

Is there any force more powerful than sleep? Science says we even need it to learn, consolidate memories, even process reality as a general experience, sort our very senses. The world only makes sense to you because you sleep, almost… Seek More

Out of the Blue

The blue retains energies just like the sea does. Cosmic radiation, heat and chemical energy in the case of the sea. Can you guess what energies flow in the blue? Emotion? All emotions, of every being, everything that even acts… Seek More

Deep Pulls in the Blue

Well, maybe this small stuff is a bit boring? Shall I release the kraken? The deep pulls in the blue. We have a deep seated memory of everything we have ever believed, and one of those things is the idea that… Seek More

Gates of Horn and Ivory

There is one god everyone forgets yet they still live, Morpheus. The keeper of the keys to the gates of ivory and horn. You see, as much as we dream in this world, there are still rules, and Morpheus knows… Seek More

Blind to the Ivory Pillar

So yes, whenever you are having what seems to be a single thought, or a single experience, you are actually having many. Some scientists dismiss this as neural noise, but I am confident they will discover the truth is otherwise. Your… Seek More

Navigating the Blue

I am talking about walking through the gate of dreams which really is navigating the entire blue. You swear that there are things you don’t know, everyone does, and I will say something really crazy. That idea is a delusion.… Seek More

Reflection of a Belief

I must open (as is often the case) with a question. What governs your behaviour? Emotion. Ideas of myself? If emotion, do we always act out on the immediate impulse? Not if we are mature. If elements of self image,… Seek More

Spirit of State

Perhaps a personal example. As a young person I was frequently asked to be quiet, and I use the word ‘asked’ loosely. So I came to have beliefs about being quiet. It didn’t matter what I thought or imagined about… Seek More