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Nothing in your head is formless. Nothing in your head is without “words”. Is why in psycho-analysis they use word association, but it can be sounds or even body language. Just has to be language.

You Are a Big Walking Ecosystem in Blue Magick

Applied Blue Magick

I offer that you are what you can do and not only the narrow set of things that actually emerge. They are finding this to be true even in biology, and it’s even obscuring the model of Darwinian evolution.

Bacteria has behaviours that are more complicated then can be demonstrated by any single cells. They interact as if they were elements of a greater organism and are capable of devising strategies and making observations about their host environment. It’s universal. Also, even though bacteria do not reproduce sexually, they do exchange units of DNA which means they are capable of evolving much more quickly than previously thought to the point that many researchers are talking about bacterial training.

Your own bacteria train you. They have found bacteria in your stomach that are capable of calming you. They will send chemical messages that calm your brain, because they are more comfortable when your stomach is calm.

How do we activate those? They activate you, but they can be strengthened by nurturing health management and dietary choices. In fact, your body is 90 percent bacteria. Your body as biome is. You are a big walking ecosystem, a world. The error is in the assumption that this world is not conscious, that you cannot be conscious of any part of your self beyond a limited range in your brain.

How do I get them to worship me and offer sacrifices? They do offer sacrifices, and they would rather not be ejected from the body. They are emotionally invested in staying there if you believe emotion to be a chemical signal. They will cull portions of their own population in order to avoid host rejection. What is that if not sacrifice of their own kind?

There are others that would rather see you rot, but they infest you long before they become dangerous. They size up the environment in your body, and when and if the time is right, through a mechanism called quorum sensing, they trigger a toxic signal. They know they can’t kill such a big host without a cooperative effort, and they will do just fine if you die. Others don’t have that kind of lifestyle.

We need to send in the swat team.¬†Other bacteria act that way. They do conflict with each other. It’s what the probiotic thing is all about. Bacteria that are good citizens of your body, but let’s take this up to the human level.

As much as your stomach and its residents impact your behaviour, you are conscious of it. Your stomach is of comparable complexity to your brain, and your emotional cycles are in sync with your metabolic cycle. When your metabolism feels good, you feel good and interpret things more positively. When it feels bad, you feel bad, and perceive thing as having lost meaning to one degree or another. So what would this say about social apathy?

Your body and brain doesn’t know it’s not the same as any other tissue. In fact, they have found that your body can sustain foreign cells alive and well in you for quite some time. This even works on an inter-species level. They injected human glial cells into mouse brains. Guess what happened?

They merged? More than merged, and the human glial cells didn’t really convert. The mouse survived and the human glial cells took over. They came to dominate the native cells. The mice showed enhanced intelligence when tested.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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