Heat. Calories are a measure of heat energy. Entropy is also referred to as heat death. From death renewed life, and from life’s process slow death. Where really is the separation?

System Healing with State Recall in Blue Magick

Applied Blue Magick

So why do you think that you think? Why do you think that you are a person? That you exist?

I have a body?

Sensory input.

You are aware of your sensory experience, and you are aware of your state, and you are aware of their integrity. There are mystical schools that place heavy emphasis on devaluing this integrity which is something I passionately disagree with.

Blue magick can be practised in meditation, in sensory isolation practice, in ecstatic exertion practices, ritual dancing being an example, tantric sex as well. Anything that pushes your awareness to the liminal edge, but all of this must be undertaken with a clear and practised intention. They have established that the capacity for exerting intention can be trained. It gets stronger as you challenge it. This is largely the reason behind the cognitive gains experienced by athletes, and is something they are trying to adapt even for sedentary corporate types. But binding can be controlled. There is a drug. They have found this drug can erase synaptic traces. It appears to erase memories, but it has an interesting limitation. Without cognitive dissonance, without system shock, a concrete experience of the contrary truth, the drug fails to do anything. They have to make you seriously doubt a memory before the drug can erase it.

Well, we don’t need the drug. Implicate memory and its state based drive can be used to do the same thing that drug does. Implicate memory doesn’t care about the particulars under which you experienced a state, and it will associate all instances of that state with all other instances of that state. So it’s like you have a giant ball of calm in your mind, busily spinning away. The sound of a partners voice might make you feel calm naturally, or the sound of a favourite musician, the smell of a favourite food. You can direct this accumulated vortex of calm energy. In any given situation you can find a reason to be calm, but you won’t in the moment because you have to feel that reason. That feeling is recorded in the associated emotional locus, the automatic processes that your body maintains to keep you alive.

I have to ask my wife two things now. First, how quickly and readily do I become calm?

Quickly. At will? Yes. How readily do you become confident?

Quickly, at will. Not as of late perhaps? True. What do you think happened?

My autoimmune attack caused paralysis and disrupted body sensation so loss of self? No loss of self. Loss of self is being studied in neuroscience. They are quite excited about that. It would seem to back up their prejudices about brain function. What occurred was a loss in degree of recognition. The link between that implicate state memory and your current feedback regarding sensation and state. This creates a spoke in anxiety because the brain does not like dissonance, foreign noise in its signal.

A sense of this body isn’t me? Yes. You feel sick, infected. Are you ready to disinfect? Defragment?

Yes. You feel confident when working with orderly systems, yes?

Yes. If you immerse your attention in the system as it stands, attention is the link. Attention is the link between all functions in your brain. If you immerse your attention in your body system as it stands, continued contact will build familiarity and it will also correct the error signals. It’s like the phantom limb effect on a more subtle level. Your implicate mind doesn’t recognize what is wrong. Your conscious mind doesn’t recognize what is right.

I have to be willing to lose the memory of my old state? No. You will collapse the uncertainty. You have a hyperposed state, one transposed upon the other. You can’t get there just trying to be the way you want. Your implicate mind remembers the old state. It retains your whole healthy state like your life depended on it, because it actually does. But it by itself is not a “thinking” mind. It can only direct your intention reflexively based on what it recognizes and remembers.

Science now is beginning to suspect the memory may not be localized in the neurons, or even specifically in the synapses. Your white blood cells are just a small genetic step away from being synapses and have behaviours that make them behave like a mini synapse in a way. But they have also found that all that white and grey matter, the glial cells, have the ability to impact, maybe even control, synaptic messaging. They might have more control than neurons themselves. This is the brain tissue that they use to dismiss as previously being just a bit better than stuffing. You can’t access this information through nerve firing. You can access it through state recall, and when you direct your attention to your current state, your brain will begin triggering corrections attempting to make your new state better match your optimal one as best as it understood it.

Your system wants to heal, but you confuse it with your attention management and beliefs about identity, well… We can go farther than simple healing though, shall we?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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