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There is truth in the world. There is a way in the world. As Sting said, “There is a deeper way than this.” And it is expressed in stillness.

Navigating the Blue in Blue Magick

Blue Magick

I am talking about walking through the gate of dreams which really is navigating the entire blue. You swear that there are things you don’t know, everyone does, and I will say something really crazy. That idea is a delusion.

Ever notice how often you want to do things that seem just crazy to you?

Yes. Pretty often? Perhaps even as often as your sane choices?

Possibly. To see the reality behind the blue you have to scan the space between sanity and insanity. The truth is you do understand those insane impulses just as well as you understand the sane ones, but the truth is in neither pillar. The uber dreamers are those who keep smacking their heads against the pillar of ivory, the pillar of the implicate, implied meaning, imagined possibilities, wild fears, what might be real. There is a reality, but neither sanity nor insanity will show it to you. You have to let your eyes saccade as they naturally do. You have to allow for those little course corrections, neither sane nor insane. If the world of the particulars, the explicate and obvious, is really the true and sane world, then why aren’t you happy? Why do you dream of things you don’t have? Fear things you have never seen?

It tends to be boring. Oh, even when it’s not boring. Ask someone in Egypt right now. A walk in their streets is not boring. It’s very factual, very particular and down to earth, and utterly insane. Does your life really feel sane? What if you moved through life by checking both right and left, the implied and the obvious, the sane choice and the insane impulse, and moved yourself down the middle? What would that be like?

I think that’s what an entrepreneur has to do. Research scientist also, artist also. Too far toward that ivory pillar and your work loses all meaning. Too far toward the horn pillar and it still loses all meaning just for a different reason. A grocery list of details is not a portrait. You can walk the path to the gate, and you can even pass through the gate. Morpheus has the key.

You are both people. The real person and the desired person, and the feared person as well. The truth is none of those people, and every choice has all of those elements. People are bumping into the pillar of horn because they ignore the tides. People slam into the pillar of ivory because they lost the strength to navigate the flow.

I have noticed this with historical figures; icons of the past.. as their humanity becomes noticeable. Perfect example.

So, emotion. E-motion. They aren’t meaningless. They are the only meaning. You have the insane impulses because of them. You also have the sane sense of relief and safety and loss because of emotion as well. Emotion is your strength.

But what if you ‘feel’ that your own feelings are meaningless? It is your meaning. It is your being and why you live and breath. You feel that your own feelings are meaningless because you are adrift. Your feet have been swept up by the flows of the blue. You can get your bearings, realize where you were going. I ask you, do you want to create?

Yes. You never will adrift, going with the flows. You have to swim, left and right, left and right, real and imagined, real and imagined, passion and clarity, passion and clarity, sanity and insanity, sanity and insanity. That’s how all hidden treasure is found. But if you still prefer to be cut adrift, you can number among the found treasures. Those drowned minds whose work only later shows it’s genius, creating by accident, being a product of your era, imprinted by all the flows you moved through. I kind of like salvage work myself, but more is needed.

Do you want something to practice? And I will need to do another class on applied blue magick. This was all theory tonight. I guess because it’s as complex as it is, and strange.

As you drift off to sleep, or even while awake, try to figure out how many pillows an elephant means. What do you think? How many pillows does an elephant mean?

I am confused by the grammar. It’s not a grammar error. Your dreaming brain is also confused by grammar, and it will try to answer that question.

How many pillows does an elephant mean? I will be interested in the answers. Experiences if you want to share them.

Well, I think the elephant ordered 12 pillows, but she really meant 20, because, you know…elephant. See how that works?

I’m thinking 38.

Or how much meaning in a ton? What does breathing mean?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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