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The Gnostics were right, to know yourself is to know the divine.

Want to Change Your State? in Blue Magick

Applied Blue Magick

When you are trying to express a certain feeling or idea, your mind with drudge up imagery that matches that feeling even if you aren’t doing it consciously. Yes, the implicate associations. That is what it believes. That is what it understands.

I suppose you are expressing a state. Yes, and observations are states. We have hit the final bedrock, the most basic and universal realization. Want to change your state?

You are not what you observe, but how you observe, and the world is, for you, how you observe it. The only choice you don’t have, though it’s the most popular choice, and one people vehemently insist on trying to make, is not to notice that, not to notice how they observe, not to notice the flow of observation in the world around them. I guess it makes accepting the information at hand easier to swallow.

Every observation is an act of self expression taking from the pallet of order that manifests in your body as states, as feelings and emotions.

People don’t realize they can shift their perspective. They don’t realize that. Their attention just keeps following their distressed impulses, and they become even more locked into that pattern of distress. Some people become so embedded in the pattern that they fight to protect it, even killing young boys because they were stuck on the idea that they had to intervene. The reason the world is crazy is because they think they are sane. The reason the world behaves like sheep, and the tail can indeed wag the dog, is because they believe they are individuals. Nobody is paying attention to the reality beneath all the habits.

You believe you are you. You believe that you think and experience things, because this is necessary, natural. You are an important variable in a stream of information exchange. You are supposed to put your spin on it. This isn’t wrong. It isn’t ego or sin, but so far people are not contributing. They are echoing, regurgitating. They’re pushing information without process. That popular phase in modern pop music, “Let’s all make some noise!” They all are and it feels good in a way. Like taking a Tylenol, you get your body revved up and you don’t have to deal with the tensions at work in your real self, at least for a time, but we want more meaning. People get sick of the club scene. Ultimately, because they were looking for meaning and didn’t find it. They found contact sure, and that can be addictive, but in the end it was ashes in their spiritual mouth, even heart breaking. This makes people swear off all meaning and develop themselves a nice addiction. People are sick of the habit. They are sick of the blue pill. They would rather die than accept the old dried up rhetoric, the old toxic corpse of traditional values, belief system, scientism included. We aren’t restricted to those choices.

Realism? Being realistic? The only realism I know, the only thing genuine, is taking stock of your experience. Full inventory of how you feel, how you act, who you think you are, and how it is to be these things and work with it. Make it reflect the order you feel inside, not the order projected onto you from “real life.” If they were right, actually correct about real life and the real world, why would anything ever go wrong?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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