Did the hippy revolution change anything? We still hear the same old meaningless rhetoric. There are ‘the power of now’ thumpers. They just switched the book.

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Your body doesn’t know the difference between your brain and any other organ. Your brain is just the loudest organ so the others tend to get inhibited. Noise goes back down the neural line. Sometimes this triggers a useful and adaptive response, but often it doesn’t.

The same process can help any other organ in your body as much as it helps your brain. That’s your brains job, coordination, maintaining the state, but you can go further. Behaviours are all registered as changes of state and are all recorded not only with the particulars of the event, but with the degree that it violated integrity, stress or distress.

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You can check your distress pattern, your chronic stress behaviours, and normalize them. This takes the edge off of negative stimuli, reminds your brain that it can remain ‘grounded.’ It likes to feel strong and more secure so it will take up these corrections all on its own. This is why mindfulness meditation is so useful. You aren’t consciously doing much of anything at all, but the brain seems to self organize as long as you keep your attention busy, that is, with focusing on the breath or something, but even further the pallet and canvas is quite broad. With conscious attention given to any specific emotional locus, you will discover it has a landscape, a geometry if you prefer. The associations that gets stored in that locus, which is distributed all across your brain and nervous system, but still behaves as a unified entity.

The associations are not accidental. They are mathematical like the behaviour of plants or slime molds. The pattern in any given emotional locus is inherent to physical reality. Anger seems to reproduce itself. Most think this is through some sort of shared communication, incidental quirk of biology. Actually, the biology is a quirk of the force we experience as anger, an organizing pattern in our environments. You will become more able to predict anger and use anger, funnel it not only in your own consciousness but in others as well as they were likely not directing their attention consciously anyway.

This can be done with animals as well and can be done with matter also. Those traces left in old jails, and stuff like that, can be reprogrammed like a blue magick feng shui, and thereby will impact the psychic impact on all other visitors there. A place of horror can become a place of healing and understanding, inspire conviction instead of fear and despair. That happens naturally sometimes, sort of accidentally, though have you noticed how calm structures that have been retaken by nature are? This is their minds at work. We can just choose to help instead of poison the effort.

I’ve heard you should bake a pan of brownies when you’re showing your house for sale. Yes, especially if you enjoy baking, but this goes further. Ever notice two artists can both write love songs, both will be equally skilled technically when it comes to writing, both equally gifted vocalists, and the general content of the songs, the lyrics, will be largely comparable, almost the same? Yet one will have a huge impact and change what people are talking about, will go on to be incorporated into their feeling moments, their romantic moments or their sad moments, or their frustrated and even angry moments, and the other will just inspire a meh? Isn’t that strange?

Yes. The ‘it’ factor. It’s simple. We have a sense of emotional acoustics. Some tap into it intuitively, others as technically skilled as they are miss the boat entirely.

It has to do with style. The essence of the artist’s soul that he/she is expressing. The essence of their soul is the potential essence of everyone’s soul. We can feel the resonance, an echo in the implicate space created by the information around us. It activates, or fails to activate the implicate mind, makes us feel whole, integral, or just makes our ears feel filled with ordered noise. The same works with any other art. Ever notice some abstract art just feels like it’s saying something? Your attention just gets absorbed in it because for some strange reason your mind insists it’s meaningful?¬†And other works just feel abstract, bland, empty. Some even will tell you they like that. They will ramble off reams of aesthetic philosophy.

Because they were just doodling.¬†Intellectual posturing I think, but it’s quite popular.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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