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The great prophets were described as madmen.

Blind to the Ivory Pillar in Blue Magick

Blue Magick

So yes, whenever you are having what seems to be a single thought, or a single experience, you are actually having many. Some scientists dismiss this as neural noise, but I am confident they will discover the truth is otherwise.

Your brain doesn’t automatically know anything as much as it’s convinced you it has. A whole chain of signals fire off creating a metaphor of the thought or sensation. Your brain tries desperately to figure out what that idea or sensation was by trying to figure out what it was like, and when there is enough of an overlap then it confirms what you “know.”

Sometimes I only get a partial memory and I have to let it mull over before the whole thing comes to me, like having a word at the tip of your tongue, but you can’t get it. Yes.

I offer that you do not know what you believe, and you do not believe what you know. As the process of any experience happens, there are elements that are excluded. They are identified as being beyond the experience, and there are elements that are included even if they are not the direct result of physical stimuli like the idea of not liking the smell when you smell a skunk. Do you actually believe any of your preferences?

I tend to. I offer that in fact you don’t, and thus the preference always seems suspicious. Like maybe it’s not really true but you will just run with it anyway, even entertain the idea that you should try something new. Like me and thrill rides. My general preference is to avoid them, but sometimes I don’t.

You instead believe everything that was excluded from the thought. You firmly believe in an environment in which the thought can happen, where you have to figure out what things are. You suspect that you could know this reality behind your experience, but do you ever turn to it?

Let’s discuss walking. You do not actually walk in a straight line, no one does, nor do you ever look straight ahead. Do you know what would happen if you did?

I’d get there faster? No. You would go blind. Your visual receptors would fatigue, and you could see nothing. The stimuli has to be moved in order to remain steady, and you can seem to walk straight because you make little proprioceptive course corrections.

You don’t think about it, but you can only manage to walk anywhere by little moments of “no that’s wrong, no that’s wrong, no that’s wrong” all the way to your destination, but people don’t do this with their minds. Imagine the gate of dreams again. The pillars of horn and ivory, and people keep steering toward the particulars, so they keep walking into the pillar of horn.

When I do a spinning kick, I tend to shift between the ball and heel as I spin to keep balanced. One time a teacher tried to get me to just spin on the ball. I kept falling over. Indeed, you had to find your own course.

People keep walking into the particulars, and yelling “Ouch! Why does that hurt?” They rub their egos and say “Well, got to keep going” and the cycle repeats itself, really, for most peoples whole lives. They are blind to the ivory pillar. Just like watching something, or walking, you have to course correct. Sanity… insanity…. sanity … insanity.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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