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Life looks like a path made of doors, until you realize that you don’t even have to enter the prison in the first place.

Gates of Horn and Ivory in Blue Magick

Blue Magick

There is one god everyone forgets yet they still live, Morpheus. The keeper of the keys to the gates of ivory and horn.

You see, as much as we dream in this world, there are still rules, and Morpheus knows those rules. He is a mime. Ever notice your sense of self is not perfectly clear while you dream? You aren’t always sure exactly who you are? This is the nature of the blue. Also notice that you seem to almost always get little reminders? Though generally very subtle, little things in the dream environment that remind you, oh yeah, I’m a parent, or I’m married, or whatever is true about you when you think you are awake. Are these ever very salient features? Do they stand out very much?

Morpheus is the keeper also of the Akashic library. He is memory, and it’s why they describe him as the Lord of Dreams. Not of sleep, that’s Hypnos, Morpheus’ father. Just as the biological rhythms lead you to seek homoeostasis, rest and sleep, so does Hypnos keep the dream together. Hypnos is the kingdom. Morpheus or memory is the keeper.

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So yes, the gates of horn and ivory… Everything in the blue patterns itself in one of two ways, explicitly or implicitly. The old gods are implicate beings as they were when the world was young. They arose from an understanding of the natural world around us, and since they were seen as having dominion over the world, they continue to behave that way and claim all the territory that is associated with their original kingdom.

Angelic and demonic powers are explicate beings. They are about particulars. The particularly inspiring, that which seems to give comfort and faith in order, is an angel. Those particulars that seem especially vulgar, base and repulsive, those are the demonic powers. As they say, the devil is in the details, but there is a path, always a path. You can find mention of it in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Sometimes the path is seen as being over water, sometimes over a sacred geography. Waters might be the blue I have been speaking of, no?

What torments you more than memory? Does anything upset as much? Toss your soul around more? Does physical pain do as much?

You can have negative memory. That is the second pillar of the gate. Your positive memory is all those things you do remember. Your negative memory is all those things you remember by negative definition, by their absence. You likely do not remember all the same absences that I do.

Yes, memories can be very tormenting. Also lack of memories. People with memory problems often get frustrated. They remember that they don’t remember. A big part of the territory seems to have been denied them.

The pillar of horn, the second pillar, is the particulars. The things you remember. The pillar of ivory, the pillar of wish fulfilment, dreams and fantasy, is all your negative memories. Those things you experienced by their absence. This is why they seem so out of proportion, always bigger than the particulars. Your true self is an isomorphism, and Morpheus mimes that back to you when you think you are having a single thought, a single simple experience. You are actually having many.

In what way are you using the word isomorphism? Domain defined by two seemingly exclusive domains. A fish is not a flower, but they are both life as ill defined as the concept of life is. That’s an isomorphism. A non entity that actually is an entity like a strange attracter in chaos theory.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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