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Forget your inner tranquility and live your life till you are here, by Brad Malfoy in Guest Articles

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Tranquility is a stage which can help us in achieving many things that were not even thought possible. Tranquility is usually described as a place which is a shaded woody area, within a waterfall or beautiful garden playing around with butterflies. It is a physical place where we have to travel, but tranquility can also be achieved in a phase of mind which can be reached simply by the thought process.

Tranquility can be achieved through 4 simple things:


If nothing helps, meditation always does. Through meditation we can train our mind, and help it take rest without engrossing into any further thoughts. It is really beneficial to both health and mind and can help you ease all your pain and release tension along with stress and anxiety.

Martial Arts

Owing to today’s controversial situations, every girl should be learning some form of martial arts or the other. But other than that, there can be another sole reason for which you will be requiring martial arts, i.e, to focus on finding peace and calmness. Not only does martial arts help in protecting yourself, but it also helps you in gaining confidence and attaining self-control.

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Key Phrases

Offer peace and hope with certain key phrases or a key mantra which can be recognized by identifying the ones that can sum it all up for you, offering positive energy from every direction. As the key point here is that you are looking forward to attaining tranquility, chant on the phrases for maximum effect.


Stretching can be the starting exercise that helps to relax and calm your mind and spirit. Stretching helps you relax, which you can undertake either in the morning as you rise up from sleep or later during a relaxed evening. Stretching not only helps you circulate your blood in a better way, but also relax your contracted muscles allowing you to receive better peace.

To attain tranquility you require a peaceful surrounding, but not always. If inner peace is missing from your life, no other form of happiness can make the life stable. You can be more prone to sudden outbursts of anxiety, which can make your stable life, unstable.

Life is a beautiful journey filled with crests and troughs. There comes both moments when we feel really invincible along with many unfortunate moments of vulnerability. At times, little problems can become bigger resembling the snowball effect. This is the time when meditation helps. It is such a tool that can help us get the grief out from both our head and heart. Little by little the problem starts to dissolve and breathe making you realize how insignificant the issues are that we deal with in our mundane lives.

The bigger the problem, the smaller may be the solution. Not only can you achieve the extraordinary peace and inner tranquility that you have been looking for, but also reflect your inner enlightenment. What’s left for you to achieve is that by discovering your reflection, transform your life and free yourself from the challenge of living.

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