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Meditation can be an invaluable guide in seeing and allowing informed choices about your life’s manifestation.

Through the Blue in Blue Magick

Blue Magick

Is there any force more powerful than sleep? Science says we even need it to learn, consolidate memories, even process reality as a general experience, sort our very senses. The world only makes sense to you because you sleep, almost like the planet has some default mode of being.

You mean we process in our sleep? We sleep in our process. We dream in our sleep.

I think the planet and all of nature goes back to a default after changes. The default does have behaviours that govern it. It has a code, a manner of keeping time. They have found recently that having a fear response to something makes your brain spawn new neurons from it’s colony of stem cells. New fear? Fresh new neurons to help you remember it. What do you think of this?

Helps you to figure out how to combat the threat.

The first memes were called gods, or even perhaps totems, and as one tribe came into contact with another, or as a tribe learned to react to presences in nature, these totems became charged with a force of fear. A sort of flow if you will, flowing from parents to children and from one population to another. Symbols came to be feared and these were most often animal symbols. Very old animal symbols as they represented conquering tribes, conquering nations. Those memes still live in the blue. The blue is the collective unconscious, same thing.

That happens in many religions. Religious traditions mark the blue. This is why people have stereotypical experiences when they have a Near Death Experience. This is why people can have religious phenomenon crop up even if they are consciously atheist.

Everyone familiar with the phenomenon of voodoo death?

You mean death by voodoo? No, just the death curse. This functions through the blue. Some practitioners even describe the blue as a big mystical sea, but the person who receives the curse doesn’t actually believe in it. They very often just laugh it off, scoff, even get angry and act insulted that anyone believe in it at all. This doesn’t protect them. They begin to feel a strange anxiety that they can’t identify the reason for. Stop sleeping well, experience cold sweats and loss of appetite. In relatively short order they start experiencing muscle pains and nausea, strange convulsion, even sometimes to the point of severe injury, and before long, death. It takes about a handful of months in the long cases. What do you think of this?

That’s amazing.

I hope I don’t piss of a witch doctor.

They subconsciously are open to that energy. No, under hypnosis they still deny any belief in it. Some have tried to seek psychiatric help because they just thought they were losing their emotional composure. It didn’t work.

They are being affected by the collective unconscious. Yes, and we all are. The forces of blue magick are the elements of that domain of existence. It only takes making the blue believe. You don’t have to make specific people believe anything. The blue isn’t intelligent.

Yes, but what about the squirrels? Even the squirrels influence the blue, as do snakes that paralyse the squirrel with fear. The scream of an eagle is heard in the blue. A shaman hears it when in trance. The blue is a great sea of mind and we are the fish, yet the behaviour of our minds still reflect the behaviour of the blue just like our blood imitates the sea.

Our minds are out there too. Our minds are colonies in the blue. They share the blue with all other minds, but the fish is not the sea.

But we are all connected to it. Yes, we all are, certainly.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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