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The slayer who thinks he slays is slain.

Out of the Blue in Blue Magick

Blue Magick

The blue retains energies just like the sea does. Cosmic radiation, heat and chemical energy in the case of the sea. Can you guess what energies flow in the blue?

Emotion? All emotions, of every being, everything that even acts like emotion, computer operation, information flows of all kinds, every bit of information in your brain piggybacks on emotion. It was recorded by dopamine and coloured by serotonin. Otherwise, you would be literally unable to learn anything.

Consciousness? Consciousness is beyond the blue.

The blue is the first dream, the first sleep, only later do we know others. So even yogurt dreams, even the calcium in chalk or clay dreams. It all resonates in the same way, with the same energy. Buried bones dream. Islamic metaphysics even makes mention of them having nightmares. This is part of why many even more scientifically minded parapsychologists believe that bones found should be laid to rest properly so they can dream more peacefully and the haunting end. They even say most hauntings are not even entities at all, but residual memories. Dreams recorded on places and the matter around the people who later witness them. Ever notice how emotions can seem to have a mind of their own?

Yes, in part. This is really just the physics of the blue, fire burning, blowing or expanding and condensing, just the natural laws of that energy, but there are beings often called thought forms that are really elementals of those energies. They take on a sort of intelligence and develop a motivation to pursue more of their native energy, inspire more of that emotional reaction. Usually, they behave kind of like children. Ever have an idea pop into your awareness that was something along the lines of “Hey! squashed cats!” just out of the blue, totally disjointed yet oddly persistent like a fly buzzing around your head. Did you notice it seemed to be able to change it’s behaviour?

The ‘squashed cats’ thought seems to try and hide, wait till meal time, then pounce you again or even wait till bed, and then elaborate itself in your hypnogogic state so then it parasitizies whatever ideas it can lay hold of that are even remotely linked to squashed cats. Ever have that happen?

Yes, I think I’ve had ideas that took on a life of their own. It doesn’t have to be squashed cats. It can be bloody cake, or painful paper, or sad pandas, always an emotion and an object. It has to have a body and it isn’t super intelligent. This is how you can identify a thought form instead of it just being a random thought. Sound like nonsense?

What is nonsense anyway? Nonsense is something you can in no way relate to, identify with, recognize in your experience or as being possible in your experience. That define nonsense well? It is the non-sensed. You can sense in the mind, intuit the truth of a thing, and in that case it would not be among the non sensed.

Now most thought forms are easy to deal with. What’s your instinctive response when something like that happens? What do you want to happen when you have a thought buzzing around your head like that?

I often write it down. Ah, that works, they like that and can calm them for a time. The energy expressed by writing it down is released into the blue. Freed for them to absorb.

Ever hear the phrase still waters run deep? The still water flow runs universally. We feel an urge to submerge ourselves deeper inside ourselves. Ever feel that? Thought forms are the water skipper bugs on the scum covered pond. The water deeper is cleaner.

Isn’t there a Confucius line about never stepping into the same river twice? There is, and as much as I admire much of the legalist school of Chinese philosophy, in my experience it doesn’t all ring true. It is great if you want to find more faith in order though.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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