Contemplating god/the gods is an excellent practice. It structures our perception of our narrower lives in a useful way. Even if your highest principle is an abstract notion, it serves the same purpose.

Energetic Signatures in Hauntings


I’m going to try to bring hauntings and related spirit world phenomena down to earth as much as possible. Hope I will succeed.

First off, everyone know what the supposed cause of human thought or consciousness is? Scientifically, consciousness is a product of electrochemical processes in the brain induced by stimuli that are mostly also existent in an electro-magnetic medium. The photo-electric spectrum incorporates most of our sensory impressions actually, and prior to that bio-electrical patterns govern the formation of DNA strands well before our brains are actually formed. There have been engineering arguments that an electrical signal couldn’t endure or be carried far from its originating source, especially not one of biological origin. But in fact, even the crystalline lattice that shaped human DNA, calcium rich clay, has an electrical signature very much like the bioelectric field around the human body, as do mostly all mineral formations on our planet. Iron is a magnetically sensitive mineral and stores magnetic patterns as well.

To get to the point, there is a huge energetic field around our planet, that though it hasn’t been acknowledged by conventional science as having anything to do with the human bioelectrical field, would seem to my view to have no way of not being compatible with it.

In fact, would this not seem to explain how our nervous systems grew to find anything in our environment intelligible in any way? Static fields from faulty wiring in a house have been proven to cause irrational anxiety in humans. The chemically induced electrical activity that surrounds an ocean going boat deceives sharks into biting it.

Electrical storms charge me to the point of not being able to sit calmly through them. They do me as well.

Dogs have been proven to be sensitive to epileptic seizure well before it evidences itself overtly, and birds have an innate sensitivity to polar fields as do many aquatic fish and even mammals. We can and have been reading these forces ourselves throughout human history, though with very little understanding.

Could that explain the tragic behaviour of whales that beach themselves? It can, yes.

There is speculation in even conventional scientific circles that the electrical activity of the brain could be captured and recorded in a sufficiently complex computer. I myself doubt the advisability of this, but not that it’s possible. The earth is a huge capacitor of electrical energy, and it has been established that the process of DNA formation took a much higher level of atmospheric electrical activity than the earth evidences at this point in time. Basically huge lightning storms.

These ideas give a new perspective on the odd unpredictability of the lights and outlets that I’ve experienced since moving in here. Any perceptual “complications“? The phenomena tend to get quite deranged under some circumstances. The energetic signatures behind phenomenological manifestation, places like Ayers Rock in Australia, tend to be surrounded by alchera. Pockets of instability that lead even the most grounded people to unusual perceptions.

What do you mean by perceptions? Science has identified a neural response that takes place in the human brain well before a sensory stimuli has actually been processed. This process has been pointed at as evidence of precognitive or intuitive function. I will neither substantiate nor refute this now, but there is a process picked up in haunting investigations that also shows itself in cases of schizophrenic possession where the schizophrenic reports voices coming from electrical appliances. EVP. Electronic voice phenomenon. There are other perceptual anomalies involved of course, and it’s unfortunate that the diagnoses are so shallow.

But that has happened to lots of people has it not? It has. Hearing voices in TV static for instance. It’s not just for the movies. Nope, as it also shows up in sensory deprivation which can be induced by a strong electro-magnetic field. The ancient Greeks used to look for epileptics. I say for a valid reason. Strong electrical responses alter their sensitivity to the overall field.

A glitching satellite could be something meaningful? It could indeed be.

What does all this mean to haunting? The “spirit world” has always been here, and the worlds methods for contacting the spirit world have always been some form of heightened physical activity or emotionalism.

All our electrical machines are giving them doors? Indeed. Where before only “sacred sights” did, and the “restless” spirit hauntings are also all brought about by states of extreme emotionalism/biological distress. This is what it takes for a gross manifestation to be readily evident to the average person, but it isn’t the rule of function of the whole spirit world.

Are ghosts made of electricity or they are just drawn to it? The electricity is just a responsive medium. The actual energy of spirits, ghosts or otherwise, would be more like the ganzefield effect, a resonance brought about by the juxtaposition of the “zero point” field with other forms of matter.

Our computers could be a door for them? Yes. Is there a way around that for our computers? It all comes down to the observer effect.

It makes sense that as our physics and engineering breaks down matter into smaller components we’re creating a closer interface to their ‘non-matter’ world. And with the venturing into things like quantum computing, or biological memory mediums.

We are making hamster cities for them. But they are not confined to that. They exert a very similar impact on the process of quantum field collapse to that exerted by ourselves. This is why they manifest in human consciousness, especially when we drop down closer to the zero point like the 7 hertz level we reach in sleep. There isn’t an actual decay of the observer at all, and the supposed decay of the human bioelectrical field is actually more of a holographic elaboration, an “unzipping” of a compressed consciousness.

Ah, is that why hauntings seem to be more active at night? It is indeed. The departed don’t go to some other reach of space. The state of being that we call death is hyper-spatial. Reduced light just stops your brain from signal screening as much.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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