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The source, the one life is no one being. It isn’t the property of some cranky old man off in space.

Ghost Consciousness in Hauntings


Shall I go into what consciousness for a haunting ghost is like?

They transition into a “sleep like” state as we do while alive, but all of their energy is now expressed in this artifact of their formally organic mind. It becomes very vivid, and often times at least semi-lucid. This is why some ghosts can be communicated with and some can’t really. They still engage in the psychological pattern psychologists call projection, but in their case “living” in that waking dream state means a projection totally masks their perception of the living presence.

Now in the case of a markedly sentimental elderly person say, they may linger like this to reminisce for a time before they head on.

Does that mean they are unaware that they are dead? They are semi-unaware, but when lucidity sets in fully they move on.

They know they have changed, but can’t say how or why? Yes.

Kind of like we can be on the edge of lucid dreaming when we’re trying to grab the focus on it being lucid? Exactly.

How long can it take for this lucidity to set in? It would differ between people.

Can it be years? It can be years. They have to work out there feelings.

What if they blow a hole in their brain? Does that prevent it? The biological field of the brain is uncompromised by the organic injury. The energy is unaltered.

In Buddhism, it is considered very important to train for this death state to remain lucid when it happens. They consider it a huge opportunity to advance spiritually. Yes. Buddhism focuses on that. It is, but usually just devolves into a sort of deep sleep state before they entrain with another biological field again, though not always.

But there are states other than this more or less peaceful haunting. None remain any more static than our living consciousness does, but they can be horribly recursive.

Stephen King made a comment that applies here. Hell is repetition. Sometimes, as is in the case of say a murder suicide, the state isn’t a relationship of one departed and one living, but includes two or more departed individuals that linger in an entangled state. But instead of slipping into lucidity, they degenerate into a nightmarish existence where the self image of the murderer dramatizes itself. They can be seen among the living as well as among the dead. The patterns of the spirit world, and the between, and the living, echo each other with the spirit being the ultimate causative force.

Just as the imagery when we are distressed in our dreams can become very bizarre, the perceptions of the distressed ghosts are equally twisted and bizarre, nightmarish, and recurrent just as most psychological dramas are. But given time and the work of “higher beings”, even these states decay. Thus the imagery of landscapes like Jigoku, and the spirits are freed. Interestingly, these self images manifest when individuals are quite alive. This is why “demons” in hauntings look so very textbook.

There was a Second Life sim called Jigoku. A Buddhist hell. It’s a very impressive place. It is familiar to me.


Jigoku, Second Life

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Travis Saunders
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