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Not feeling resistant to where I am brings peace.

High Intelligence Beings in Hauntings


I will go into a related phenomenon, non human haunting. First off, they aren’t haunting. There are states of being that parallel incarnation without assuming a material state, but I’m going into non-human haunting because the average person does relate them.

Some are merely psychic parasites looking for whatever energy they can grub onto. Some are predators, looking for the big release, and some paralleled human existence in a lot of ways. Some are even symbiotic. The childhoods imaginary friend, a simple entity that is sharing with a child and even aiding their psychic/psychological development.

Monsters under my bed and in my closet? I used to sleep with covers over my head every night! Those tend to be of the parasitic type, but just like mosquitoes they are of very little consequence. Not to higher order beings.

Meant a lot to a scared little girl. Yes, in part because you come from a culture that abandoned any understanding of them.

There are generally two classifications of high intelligence beings, and they tend to get sorted into the human response to them. There are basically the benign or psychically resonant beings, sometimes called angels, and the supposedly malignant or psychically dissonant beings, sometimes called demons.

In modern para-psychological studies it can be noted that though angels are sometimes invoked to exorcise a demon, there is never a “haunting“ like presence of the angel.

People do seem to classify them that way. Yes. It’s a specious classification, and some cultures don’t classify the dissonant or scary beings as evil. They actually aren’t really different. Just different high order beings perhaps with different agendas, and the gamut of agendas is actually rather broad, but I don’t mean to go into spiritual politics.

To wrap up, ghosts are basically just lost and confused, and the angels and demons are more concerned with the collapse of quantum wave patterns to trouble you as an individual.

They might affect you, but there is a reason all of the old religions say that you should not fear for these mysteries of heaven. They are beyond conventional understanding or even pragmatic concern. Their activities have nothing to do with the price of tea in China.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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