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We are not what we do, but what we do does in many ways stem from what we are.

Species Consciousness in Second Life

In all of the oldest traditions, the imagery of the second life was externalized. This is why woodwork in houses often had such elaborate human and animal imagery. This happened well into written history, but has prehistoric roots. It ended around about the industrial revolution.

But the reason the dreaming was so readily included in the external inventory was because without it the finished product was considered unreal, half finished. One possible explanation for this was that homo sapiens did not originally have the supposedly integrated mind they have today. (I say modern man is half brained myself.) But in the age when the right brain was still able to function without censorship from the left, the right brain would insist on the imagery it was familiar with being represented in the environment. They called this cross talk between the hemispheres the bicameral mind.

The right hemisphere has all the qualities associated with the Greek Gods, the radical passionate intention swings, the holistic views and global insights, the capacity to form ideals based on personal experience and self reflection. Where as the left brain has a more sensory oriented focus, understands all physical input but only as an abstract condition, and is what is capable of performing the computation we call planning.

Ever notice the ancient Gods showed little interest in the future, but great interest in the self actualization of the mythological heroes? The Gods are humanity, and more than humanity, and they exist in what we consider as the second life. The Gods are part of the force that some have called a species consciousness in humanity. But it isn’t limited to humanity as we have a great deal in common genetically, and in a neural maturation process, with a great many other species on this planet.

You can die of sleep deprivation and they do not know why, but there is a genetic defect that creates permanent insomnia in people. These people don’t live past their early thirties and most not past their mid to late twenties.

You die because of exhaustion? From lack of sleep? They can rest. They don’t suffer muscle fatigue. They can relax. They just can’t sleep, and yes, they die from it. In the case of these people, their organs begin to work wrong and even shut down. It‘s like they forget each other.

What is the metaphysical reason they die? The metaphysical reason they die is that they wake up. The flesh and blood life is sleep of a sort.

I guess some organs need the body to be in sleep mode to function? Yes, and to stay in synch with other vital organs. Need specifically to shift into theta wave rhythm which actually corresponds approximately to the wave frequency of the earths electrical field.

Like why you find a cut heals faster over night than it does during the day? Yes.

Our two lives must be in sync. They get out of sync when we don’t sleep and that manifests in the organs being out of synch? Exactly. But mental illness sets in well before that, because the split between the dreaming and waking life is not really supposed to exist. This is also why so few people show any form of paranormal operancy.

Mental illness is a brain imbalance right? It is, yes.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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