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Way Of Blood in Blood Magic

Blood Magick

The topic of blood magic is pretty broad, so I thought it might help focus if we start with questions first.

Ok, just a little side note. I’m sometimes not comfortable with blood. Relevant side note, and I will go into that. You might not find it as totally offensive as it might seem at first blush. All magick focuses on a principle or a set of principles. Using a force or medium to affect change in accordance with will. You hear much that is sinister about blood magick. A good portion of which is delusional.

I am guessing that blood magic may be influenced by ones blood type? Not all spells will work on all types? That’s perhaps the most fundamental aspect of blood magick. It goes back to old alchemical insights, even early models of physics.

I was thinking of blood types as well and how blood types have been linked to personality types. Indeed. I can’t give you the run down of what blood type is linked to what personality, but that is available online.

My teacher used to say, “Blood is the most occult organ.” Occult meaning unseen. Also meaning the most subject to change. In fact, many practices not automatically thought of as blood magick have links to it. Breath control practices. Ecstatic dance rituals. Even chanting.

It is designed to absorb and transfer materials. That must make it very powerful metaphysically. Yes.

In a very broad sense, blood magick is life magick. It’s primary principle is vitalism. The concept that life energy is universal and elemental. It’s seen as the substance of the fifth element and other elements are considered to transmute in it. Air, water, earths / minerals, even oxidation which is fire in its most fundamental sense. So, the way of the blood is the way of the world, and it’s been used as the basis of a great many forms of prophecy and divination. It’s influence is behind even things like chiromancy and haruspication, even necromancy.

Chiromancy is also called palmistry. Haruspication is divination by reading forms in entrails, and oneiromancy is divination by dreams. Partaking of herbals potions, to induce a proper attunement of the blood before sleep, was heavily involved in the latter.

Reading the lines on your palm? Yes, but also reading its shape and its development. Blood is even the primary force behind phrenological phenomenon. My own abnormal consciousness is linked to circulatory problems, as well as contamination of my blood with useless proteins. Strangely, the fever induced by my blood abnormality offsets the symptoms of irregular venous development in my brain. Weird how these things come together, eh? My blood gives me fevers. These offset my juvenile seizure symptoms and my autistic traits as well.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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