We are not free of darker feelings and views just because we espouse a spiritual view or lifestyle.

Gaia Mind in Consciousness


From the dream level of consciousness you get the forces that allowed for organic life to occur on our planet. The planet was dreaming before it was “living” as we define it, and it continues to dream. If it ceased to dream, we would cease to exist. Not automatically of course, but we would not survive very long.

When we ourselves dream, our brains are at their most electrically active. Our default mode networks consume the most energy of any other parts of our brain. Well, the electrical field of our planet is like that. A constant electrical storm below the surface of our planet. If that stopped, our planet couldn’t support an atmosphere. The aurora is just the visible component of our planet aura. The Van Allen belt is its aura as a whole, and its aura has visible components where most say ours does not for the simple reason it is a more powerful mind than ours.

As for what the Gaia mind is like, it’s like a mega-complex hive mind. All awareness on this planet is a component of its awareness, and just as our own mind reacts against parts of itself it finds disturbing, the Gaia mind can act to repress specific species on its surface and promote others. And well, just like what happens with our own neurons, long term suppression results in extinction leaving only memory traces of the minds that once occupied that place, until of course another species evolves to take its place.

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The planet can control which species survive? It can, yes, but to our level of consciousness its decisions seem very slow, and the loss of any single species is of no significant consequence. Just as our brains loss of specific neurons doesn’t affect our awareness in general. You can get a little drunk and though that does kill some neurons, you don’t become a blithering idiot. And disturbances in the Gaia consciousness can be progressive, but it has a strong will to survive. Much stronger than even our own.

So at this point, in this age, we are becoming aware of a state of the Gaia consciousness that is much like something I have experienced myself, and I hear is not uncommon. Have you ever had one of those dreams where you experienced some really weird change in your body, and then you woke up with the early symptoms of being sick, or to discover you had a cavity or bone fracture or something? Or even just a cramp as you were cutting off circulation to your arm or something?

Gaia can have those as well. It is having them now and is acting on it. Moving in it’s sleep.

Japan? Yes, though more than Japan, and more to come.

Tornados. We have made the air in Gaia’s bedroom too hot, and she is opening the windows. Our atmosphere is in one of its thin periods. This has fluctuated in the past as well, so it’s not new. But this thinning is corresponding to a spike in solar flare activity.

Gaia is not seeking global extinction or anything. It would not, but she will do what she must to preserve life on the planet in general, even if it means setting evolution back a fair bit.

Gaia is like the dog that bites and shakes to get rid of the fleas? Yes, but makes no effort to kill all the fleas in the grass or anything.

Can we commune with Gaia? We can and we do. The biggest stride we have made is taking bits of her body and creating thinking machines with it, and then using those machines to really carefully examine what we are doing to the planet as well as communicating it among ourselves. We think that we come up with all the ideas, but we did not create our own brains, nor did we invent computing in general.

Gaia wants us to use her resources? Gaia wants them to be used, not abused, not tainted. Every creature on this planet uses them. The trees do, all bacteria does, even the elementals do. This is why the fire elementals are getting so territory happy as well as water.

She wants to be used the same way people do, I expect. Used for her abilities and not abused. Exactly. The Taoist sages had a good idea of this. Old Egyptian scholars did. It’s been arrived at by a great many cultures on this planet. The early Aztecs and Mayans understood it. The Age of Reason should have been called the Age of Schizophrenia. Not to say that the ancients were paragons of sanity, but we just traded one set of delusions for another.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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