'Consciousness' Chapter


Consciousness is the ability for things to express. The expressive force itself. Consciousness precedes the weak and strong nuclear forces. It exceeds measures of mass, and is inherently hyper dimensional. All matter is a stepping down of the energy of consciousness. The cause of consciousness is inherent in and emergent from our physical reality, and there seems to be no principle in reality that if present lets us know that there is no consciousness there. The resonance of the consciousness force retains a model of the proper form any object or person should take, as well as a framework for the coherent progression of that form, like an algorithm. Without consciousness the physical form itself ceases to be able to maintain its integrity.

In my experience, I have not encountered or had contact with anything that seemed to be anything like a central or primary intelligence in the universe. There is a manifold consciousness. The potential is held across different minds. It forms what could be called a virtual mind, a force of pattern that behaves like a mind.

“Because our entire universe is made up of consciousness, we never really experience the universe directly we just experience our consciousness of the universe, our perception of it, so right, our only universe is perception.” Alan Moore

“And if I can take part in it by transforming my own consciousness, then someone else’s, I’m happy to do it.” Bill Hicks

Force Of Consciousness

This topic will either bend minds or straighten them out more. I can’t say which. Is there a difference? Actually, not really. I think a bendy mind is better. Well, they say it’s the basis of the brains memory. All those… Seek More

Objects Of Consciousness

The events or objects of consciousness are what we call experience and some call qualia. They arise inevitably alongside the awareness process presenting themselves to us in what is an unavoidable pattern of interference some would call the observer effect.… Seek More

Touch Grass

How are we affected by electromagnetic fields? Are they really harmful? We are effected by them according to the intelligibility and coherence of their signal pattern. An even balanced electromagnetic pulse from the heart or eye is soothing, but some… Seek More

Structure Of Consciousness

A friend of mine told me that we communicate to the earth through our throat chakra. Each energy center or chakra operates in a form of parallel processing, and the parallel processing brings me to the question of structure of consciousness.… Seek More

Gaia Mind

From the dream level of consciousness you get the forces that allowed for organic life to occur on our planet. The planet was dreaming before it was “living” as we define it, and it continues to dream. If it ceased… Seek More

Observer After Effect

I may range into statements or conclusions that may seem offensive. They are not meant as such but are necessary to make today’s topic very clear. With that said today’s topic is manifold consciousness. There is a trend in both… Seek More

Untold Story

Would the “big bang” have occurred when there was a critical mass of observers? The big bang actually is not a unique occurrence. The big bang would have occurred from the amount of particles interacting. The existence of those particles… Seek More

Virtual Mind

The common view in the majority of the scientific community is to see events of consciousness as random. All thought and feeling and thus all human behavior as events arising from the playing out of physical forces. You feel angry… Seek More

Growth is the Rule

In the question of which came first, the spirits/gods or man… Well, the answer is neither. We are helping these virtual minds evolve and carry on to shape the formation of what might be called higher order realities, next generation… Seek More

You Connect with Attention

I was just reading a news article about a man who ran amok and killed a friend of a friend. It kind of shook me up. There is a force running through our world today, and a collective voice that has… Seek More