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Mindlessness isn’t tantric, aimlessness isn’t tantric, but pain and pleasure, bliss and void, these are tantric.

Untold Story in Consciousness


Would the “big bang” have occurred when there was a critical mass of observers? The big bang actually is not a unique occurrence.

The big bang would have occurred from the amount of particles interacting. The existence of those particles though, could have occurred with a mass of observers? Particles as objective phenomenon are hard to substantiate to the point that they have to infer spontaneous particles for the math to remain consistent. Each observer has a set of mathematical procedures or algorithms, or words and stories if you prefer. Each set of mathematical equations creates a unique definition to that observer.

All embedded with codes. Exactly.

We keep giving them new data? Indeed, we do, but that happens also between observers. Any two observers create a new equation or story by what could be called negative definition. By setting one variable, you also leave another variable undefined. These undefined variables themselves also have a structure. They have meaning. They form the “untold story.” When you define what something is, you also define what it is not.

The untold story is the mystery? It could be called the mystery, and is perhaps what inspired the old mystery schools of early human empires.

This in-between space of common ground is what creates the communication field between observers. But it is not of itself an awareness. If human minds are space, then this field of shared awareness if a sort of hyperspace, the event horizon or cell wall between any two conscious observers.

Human minds are outside of space. They are non-local and only exist in time? I would argue they are non-temporal as well and thus able to remain coherent over time and retain memory despite radical quantum variability.

Yes, but they are both temporal and non-temporal. They are never spatial? I would offer that they are spatial and thus you have phenomenon like synchronicity and psychokinesis.

Synchronicity is a temporal phenomenon, acausal associations across time? I would offer hyper-causal, arising from the manifold interaction of the observer effect, thus seeming like “acts of god.”

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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