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Act Of Presentation in Communication


We are talking about communication. I will ask, What is communication?

An action that triggers a response?
Transfer of ideas.

Both definitions are correct.

Body language too.
Facts is one type.

Action that triggers response is communication.

Two or more intelligences transferring information? What are intelligences?

Well, since all things have consciousness, I guess that’s everything. Let’s define intelligence as something that can receive information.

Does the rock receive information when I kick it? Yes, because all information is energy. Language is just structured energy, structured sound or structured movement, or other forms of structure as well. Much of our art was inspired by intelligible patterns in nature.

And we imbue certain words with more energy then others. We do. As we have stronger emotional reactions to some words than others, but we are motivated by words in general.

It is all very physical. It isn’t just like noise on a TV. Indeed. Good parallel.

But communication as we might define it in a more down to earth sense could be said to be the act of presentation or being present. Many things perform the function of presentation in a much more passive mode than we do, or so it seems to us.

Buildings present themselves by how they are laid out. Exactly. We cannot avoid presentation or the other side of communication, representation also known as translation.

And how the buildings react to things like the weather and earthquakes? Yes. Buildings can be structured so as to respond to energy they receive in a way that allows them to preserve their coherence and not collapse. It’s become much more common to engineer things in such a way that they have some flex to them. This is perhaps why the English language has become so wide spread.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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