There are no coincidences. The line of cause and affect may be very abstract, but it is there.

Healing Artwork by Victoria Safriet in Guest Articles

Healing Art by Vicklet Creations

I create Healing Artwork. My artwork is intended to create balance within. I do not claim to cure, only heal that which is in the state of imbalance. I could be full of shit or I could be revealing a universal truth. It’s not for me to decide, but for you to question, investigate and find out for yourself, as I did.

While I was learning the traditional way to make a Tibetan Thangka from Terris Temple, I received a teaching transmission. This transmission gave me the understanding that artwork, if done correctly and with the correct intentions, can have a significant effect on anyone who gazes upon it.

According to tradition, a Tibetan Thangka is first created with sacred geometry. If the geometry is done incorrectly, the deity drawn on top of the sacred geometry will not have the proper affect on the person who views the Thangka, basically, they will not receive a transmission. However, if the sacred geometry is done correctly and the deity drawn on top of the sacred geometry is drawn correctly as well, then and only then can the right affect be transmitted to the person viewing this ancient sacred art form. Any person viewing a beautifully created Tibetan Thangka will receive a transmission whether they are aware of it or not.

Learning this ancient tradition and art form is how I came about my own understanding of sacred geometry for healing artwork. The teaching transmission I received gave me the understanding about the true nature of creating. The very act of creating is, if you will, an activity in which one pulls energy from the Source. My understanding of the ‘Source’ is that it is pure ‘Potential Energy’. With the knowledge that ‘Thought’ is energy, and energy is ‘Potential’ ready to be materialized, I have a full understanding that every line drawn on paper is a powerful form of communication. What is being communicated is where intentions come into play.

The symbols that I draw for my healing artwork are simple and less complex than the sacred geometry required by the Tibetan Thangkas. They are recognizable, such as the heart, stars, trees, swirls and curves. Simple as they are in construct as well in their potential to creating balance within, they are also universal in nature. Using universal forms in my healing artwork helps with communicating my intention to the viewer.

Healing Art by Vicklet Creations

Healing Art by Vicklet Creations

I draw every line and curve with the intentional thought of creating balance within. When I’ve finished creating a piece of healing artwork and hang up for sale, that’s when my intentional ‘Thought Form’ is transmitted to the viewer, whether they know it or not. They do not have to purchase my work for the intention to work. But, if they do purchase my healing artwork, all the better, because there will be more opportunity for others to view my healing artwork and receive a healing transmission.

The room in which I work is also important in creating healing artwork. Before I begin, I make sure that my space is ‘Conditioned’ so that it will be conducive for the energy that I am pulling from Source to carry the qualities necessary for creating balance within. It’s also the same room I meditate in as well, so there’s a tremendous amount of focused energy for me to drawn upon.

People pay fees to take classes to learn forms of healing modalities, such as Reiki, but it’s really not necessary to pay someone to show you how to become a healer. We all have the potential, it’s in our nature. I found my own path, and didn’t have to pay someone to show me how. I just tapped into what was already there. If you do need guidance, find a teacher that will freely give of their time. How can one charge for truth?

I thank you for your life.

Victoria Safriet
Guest Blogger
Dragon Intuitive

Victoria Safriet features Healing Art, Greeting Cards, Spirit Rocks and Apparel at Vicklet Creations. She creates each piece by hand for the healing aspect. Creating Balance Within – Creates Balance Without.

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