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Art Appeal in Art


I’d love to go back in time and witness the first ever spoken word. It was probably an obscenity or an exclamation of awe.

They have recently done a study regarding art. Art originated with religion on earth, so did cities, but of interest is the fact that when we are calm, art registers as more of an abstraction for us, but when we are afraid, we rate arts influence much higher. Perhaps an artifact of our racial memory? An evolutionarily retained reaction so that we would hesitate in the presence of the original authors of art.

You mean we take it more seriously? We are more moved by art while afraid. We engage with it more. This applies to everyone, but would also explain the association of art creation with sensitive, erratic, or excitable people.

So art dealers should scare customers as they walk in, like a haunted house. They actually do, subtly. They use slightly spooky music and darkened rooms.

Art can also be seductive. And not just porn, either. Seduction itself perhaps has its roots in fear. The fear of the other gender or perhaps just the fear of the intensity of physical intimacy.

Does art appeal more to the intuitive side of our thinking? Ah, it would indeed, as our limbic system is both the seat of fear and our intuitive awareness as well, the proto-mammalian cortex.

Fear and power. Fear of being “known”? Or being “seen”? Likely a combination of all of those things.

Perhaps “arts” are a purer form of communication? Well, consider this. There is a strong theory to suggest that the neocortex developed for one purpose, whereas the limbic system developed to allow us to move around the world in meaningful and helpful ways. Strong evidence suggests that the neocortex, or human brain, arose explicitly to allow for complex social interaction.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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