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Evil is characterized by opposition. So opposition breeds more of itself.

Ethereal Beings in Dark Angels

Dark Angel

I always though vampires were dark angels. Ah, vrolok are spirits suffering the punishment of the grave.

Without free will, would angels have something similar to a hive mind? The angels in most lore just have the equivalent of really heavy karma. They have a mind of their own, but their ultimate fate is predestined. They cannot defy their natures, and thus cannot choose outcomes though there are stories of them trying to. So their existence would be more like people in the matrix, seemingly independent but ultimately scripted.

Angels or vroloks? Angels. Vroloks are just restless human souls, or actually restless mortal souls not necessarily of human origin.

Do human souls become angels? According to lore, in exceptional cases when a human is sufficiently dedicated to divine order.

Angels are beyond earth? On earth and beyond earth also.

Would they know of other beings in the universe? Yes. They are often described as ethereal beings. The ether was seen by early scholars of metaphysics as the medium in which light and other physical forces moved. So adapted to modern thinking they would be quantum beings, energy beings, flaming beings? Our ancestors wouldn’t have had a sense of energy as we do. This would explain the potential for apotheosis, going from child of clay to elohim or emanation of god.

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Are fairies angels? No. They are mortals, though perhaps a step closer up the ladder of descent from the creative source which would explain their greater influence over nature and differing social awareness from humans.

My intention today is just to relate a rough summary of angelic lore and specifically the darker angelic lore, not to attack or defend any particular view.

Could they be higher level alien beings? Well, their having an alien origin might explain some of the stranger aspects of human history, including the unusually staggered and spotty evolution. It would also account for the alien reasoning most often demonstrated, as well as their reputed advanced understanding of science and medicine. In fact, the angelic lore does show a huge obsession with medicine and the arts.

I think in Revelations an angel comes down in a vehicle of circles within circles. It is described that way.

What do you mean by staggered evolution? Punctuated evolution, I think, is another term for it? Actually, the shift in intelligence displayed by Homo sapiens, as well as the hard to account for and very ancient relics of arts and practices that weren’t supposed to have been possible so early on. Even milk tolerance is an aberration, a mutational fluke that stuck. Evidence even suggests that pre-homo sapien specimens were also sentient. Neanderthals being most obvious. Modern humans aren’t even pure blood homo sapien. We have Neanderthal DNA in our genes, and not only theirs, others as well.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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