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Human Alteration in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

You look like a Techno-Necro Lord.

I need a look like that for when I find myself alone with a thug in a subway station. Oh, indeed. It might discourage any aggression.

Have you heard of the RPG Iron Kingdoms?

I haven’t, or maybe Steam-punk Lich. Yes, it is basically a Steam-punk Lich.

I used to dream of having my own personal RoboCop. They are apparently working on roboting rescue personnel.

Well, I hope they never ever make a real life RoboCop. Unless someone voluntarily donates their body for such a thing. Indeed, as his volunteering wasn’t really genuine in the first place.

It would be awful if they just stole someone’s body. The guy inside RoboCop was a very sad soul. Well, the real horror was what they did to his brain. If it was just his body, it might not have been such a big deal, but they selectively modified his brain, keeping much but not all of his natural brain.

Yes, they have no way of erasing the memories of the human. Not without erasing the police skills they wanted to keep.

But also his human side kept him from harming innocents, and he was able to form friendships. Yes, unlike the other project that was running parallel to his, the big Droid.

Oh yes, I think they stole that design from Star Wars. Well, odds are cybernetics will become more common, maybe even widely pervasive.

They already are in prosthetics. There was a guy with springy legs that wanted to compete in the Olympics. Yes, they are just working the bugs out of the interface software.

I’m not sure if they let him in. They did. It could be proved that it was really his own skill and stamina, but the prosthetics were tested beforehand.

Though I could see how the others would think it’s unfair. Ah, they didn’t know if the artificial legs would make it easier for him. They didn’t. They just made it possible, and those didn’t even benefit from a neural interface.

Though I could see how they could be re-calibrated right before the race. Oh indeed, he probably had to make them available for inspection, but he did not win his competition.

Just like they “re-calibrate” their blood before a race. Yes, it doesn’t have to be inorganic.

With drugs? There is something that doesn’t use drugs, called blood doping. If you get a big shot of extra blood before a match, it has a strong effect on your natural stamina, and well, not chemical traces, but it has other symptoms.

Would they know you did that? They can, yes. Things like your heart rate shift in an unnatural way. Some athletes even use psychogenic enhancement training which is legal and allowed. With the advancements they are making in neuroscience, they are discovering that physical performance can indeed be meaningfully altered.

How is that done? It’s an additional training regimen using the bio-mechanics of how the human nervous system works. So they deliberately rig their training routine so that it slips in under the radar of “conscious experience.” Use dream induction to trigger recall of their practice sessions.

Kind of like how pep talks get your body energized? Sort of like a pep talk yes, but broader. Like using the placebo effect, but broader spectrum. Your body can be trained to expect things without your brain being involved, muscle memory and things like that. Sensory conditioning can trigger automatic adrenal reactions just as they are about to make their attempt. It’s really just a form of conscious programming of what the body and nervous system already had.

Could that be behind those stories you hear of people having bursts of super-strength in an emergency? Are you triggering those same responses with this therapy? Ah, they haven’t drawn a direct connection to hysterical strength yet, but they are working on it.

One simple aspect of this training relates to a neurological difference between humans and apes, chimpanzees specifically.

They do meditation before they work out? They do meditate, as well as use auditory brain syncing.

So similar to martial arts. Very similar, but the explanation, for why chimps are more physically powerful than humans, is in how they use their brain, and those humans who manifest hysterical strength are probably tapping into a sort of atavism. Humans have a more fine grained control of their motor functions, so we have many shades of muscle contracting signal.

Sort of like how mentally retarded people hug too tight? Yes, it would be related to that, perhaps.

Chimpanzees, when they do something, produce signals in their brain that contract all their muscle fibres at once with a more narrow range of variation. More or less an all or nothing affair. Humans train themselves out of even realizing their full physical potential. Because they can exert less force, they just assume less force is natural and all they can do.

We learn to be gentle. Yes, and learn to describe our high level of functioning as “too hard”, even though it doesn’t really tax the human body at all, except maybe after years of degeneration.

Martial arts also trains you to use explosive force. Yes, the principle of ki.

Though you can hurt yourself, like hyper-extending joints. Yes, that’s why they are so demanding in getting you to perfect your form. Sloppy form will hurt yourself more than your opponent.

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