'Artificial Intelligence' Chapter

Artificial Intelligence

They look for the principles of intelligence in the information we have around us, seek to understand how an intelligent brain could arise from what they mostly consider unintelligent matter, and are trying to find a way to reproduce whatever process might have made that possible.

I think what they will accomplish as they move into quantum or organic computing, is to tap into a domain of intelligence that was already there, sort of a biopsy performed on the brain of the universe.

“Some people worry that artificial intelligence will make us feel inferior, but then, anybody in his right mind should have an inferiority complex every time he looks at a flower.” Alan Kay (American computer scientist, researcher and visionary)

Human Alteration

You look like a Techno-Necro Lord. I need a look like that for when I find myself alone with a thug in a subway station. Oh, indeed. It might discourage any aggression. Have you heard of the RPG Iron Kingdoms?… Seek More

Two Philosophies of Artificial Intelligence

In order to make artificial anything, there must first have been a natural something that we are imitating. In most schools of thought regarding artificial intelligence, intelligence is either just an incidental byproduct of organic complexity, an empty mechanical process,… Seek More

Information Rich Natural World

Any questions before I dive off the deep end? Not yet. So off I go. They have discovered they can engineer DNA in just about whatever way they want. They have even built a nanotech engine that has a single… Seek More

Tap Into a Domain of Intelligence

Ray Kurzweil is projecting that in a matter of decades, we will have something the size of a laptop that dwarfs human intelligence thousands of times over. What do you think of that notion? I’m already scared of it. You… Seek More

Online Brain

I watched this program that suggested Einstein was like a receiver for broadcasting alien intelligence. You can study slices of his brain to see the differences to what a normal human brain would be. Anyone with super intelligence has this… Seek More

You Are the Intelligence

Now shall I bend your mind even further? The intelligence behind the intelligence of your body and brain is you, and you are just as frustrated as the other computer geeks here. You do log off for a while, put… Seek More