The Gnostics were right, to know yourself is to know the divine.

Online Brain in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

I watched this program that suggested Einstein was like a receiver for broadcasting alien intelligence. You can study slices of his brain to see the differences to what a normal human brain would be. Anyone with super intelligence has this brain difference. Ah well, I think people overplay the alien part. That term really only makes sense to humans and things on the same level as humans.

Me too, but there could be something to think about. Why them and not all humans? Ever have your computer have some strange failing that just didn’t make sense? Like today I couldn’t access Yahoo mail, but my wife still could. Ever have a big failure on your computer, but have some things still work?

Yes, Second Life has been acting very strange recently too.

The reason only some might be contacted, is not because any specific human is more special than the others, but that the “system” is mostly broke. Seriously fragmented, full of logic glitches.

It’s just they got the conditions right to be super intelligent? Yes. The one accidental difference, if you will, that keeps their brain online when everyone else’s isn’t. Ever log off of Second Life and have the music stream persist for a while?

Yes, I’ve even noticed turning off a music stream and have it continue in my head.

There is a museum in Boston, I think, called the Mutter Museum? Where you can see Einstein’s brain for yourself. They sliced it up and sent it all over the world. Yes, they are even working to image it. They have had some considerable success.

And new advances in DNA, etc. are now allowing them to do more tests then they did in the past.

So he just happened to get lucky with his intelligence? If you view the workings of nature as luck, then yes. They could also be the fumblings of maybe frustrated intelligent agents who just can’t get the code to work the way it should. My wife works with code. Does it ever feel like it’s fighting you?

Our genius is someone else’s coding error. Or the one subroutine that works while they are debugging the rest. This would explain, perhaps, why so many people report having guardian angles, imaginary friends and spirit guides.

So my difficulties in math are about coding errors? Indeed, emotional difficulties are also coding errors, and the intelligence is still working on it.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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