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Life is lived in moments.

Code in Numerology


There is no single system of numerology. There can’t be a single system, just like there can’t have been only a single language. There are uncounted systems. Trying to speculate how they all came to be, or why, would be largely pointless. What is more important is what they try to use them for.

In magickal practice (much like science), they have always primarily sought where things come from. This is the reason why science wants a grand unified field theory. The reason being, if you find the source of all things you can more easily author new things, or alter how things that are currently evident behave.

One of the most prominent systems of numerology is known as gematria. If it sounds like geometry, that is on purpose. It’s a form of mapping word origin and thus mapping object origin. In gematria, they break words down to their numerical value, then find other words that share the same numerical value. They believe that this link is not accidental and that patterns can be divined and understood from these lists of words.

Is this the system being used to find hidden meanings in the Torah and the Bible? It is indeed, but there have always been systems. Algebra stems from an old numerological system. Algebra was considered a great height of understanding back in its origin because it was seen as more than just a system of convenient equations. It was considered to reveal actual patterns and relationships in reality.

Where all magickal incantations and numeric systems meet is in music, singing. In fact, the title of Cantor means singer and the Torah is typically sung. On the music note, pretty much universally the universe was considered to have its origin ultimately in song. It was believed that the source of internal rhythms and creative inspiration was the same as the source of physical creation itself, and that to be able to sing the name of a thing was to fully understand that thing. It wasn’t enough to use the dead speech we use now. You had to have a sense of tone and rhythm also. You had to keep in tune with the rhythms of the world itself, if you hoped to persuade it of anything.

If we chant an originating chant, we are considered to be creating the universe simultaneously with its state in present time. Is that what you mean? It is exactly what I mean.

Keeping the beat is still important in particle physics. The power and quality of a laser is entirely determined by the degree of harmonization it has. More harmony = more power. If you would understand the origin of any practice of power, I offer that you cannot ignore numbers, nor language.

I’m reminded of those sci fi movies where the guy in front of a screen is making sense of a stream of numerical data. I guess practicing numerology is doing that as you go through life. Indeed, it is. It’s code, and there is a code because the universe is holographic. It’s in our DNA and the organic structure of every part of our body as well as the function of our minds. Would need to slow it down for you, though. The flow of values in any given moment would far exceed any capacity of a human to calculate. It is good for our sakes that you don’t need to calculate everything.

I’m staggered at what this means in terms of the amount of information in the universe, or even in my house. Everything is information, number, rhythms, song.

And it is all talking to us? Yes, and talking as you as well. You can’t accidentally say anything. When something seems like it doesn’t make sense, it’s only because it’s not a part of the stream you were focusing on. But though there are rhythms, there is no such thing as time and all variables of every event are working themselves out right here and right now, even in your personal brain. The funny thing is, it’s not your personal brain. There is no tag of ownership on it. The reality is just that there are brains, and they are all ultimately performing the same calculation. Thank goodness that the calculation is evenly distributed across brains, or your brain would literally be destroyed. Too much power in the whole pattern for any one brain to handle it.

Hmmm… All our brains are mini computers networked together running the code of the universe? Yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. Lisa

    Seems the statement “we are all related” or the Lakota version “Mitakuye Oyasin” really holds some truth. As does really knowing ones self without the masks. Minds a-tuned…makes one wonder what fine tuning would do to mind instruments..! In the sci-fi movie that I’m seeing some of the numerical calculations are in error and the professor needs to step up to the plate for some corrections and when these corrections are made I for one think that the Beauty Path is going to be plainly seen for the mistake students. The Rainbow Bridge will be plainly seen for ALL.

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