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We have a root too, my friend. The mandala of the soul has a center.

Right Time And Place in Numerology


To bring numerology to the personal level, the networking side of it… It may seem like your input to the great math problem doesn’t matter. This would be a mistaken notion. It matters very much, because your literal reality is part of the math that’s being done. You are the value that the universe is trying to get a sum for. It’s why your life seems to be going somewhere in this universe that doesn’t actually have time.

The whole exceeds the sum of its parts? Yes, indeed.

The math doesn’t follow reality? Reality is following the math? Reality is the math, but here is where the actual practice of numerology goes all wonky. For one thing, there are many more processes going on than anyone can hope to handle simultaneously. So no human being could ever see the whole picture, or even necessarily a big part of it. And because you don’t, you make a decision to hold down one or two number keys while everything else is busy trying to correct the figures. You act as if life is about 1 and 2, because that is easy for you. You understand that, but you likely don’t see the place of 5, 7 and 9.

Interpretation is questionable because we can’t see it all? Yes. So for our own practices, what matters is do we understand it well enough for our needs. Which gets easier if we don’t make a big pretense of being able to decipher the whole universe. Avoiding arrogance is a big deal, very helpful. The universe won’t punish us for being arrogant. Our reach just out strips our grasp, and we wind up defeating ourselves. Empty handed because we tried to strangle God.

We can try to assess if numbers that do stand out for us may have enough correspondence to a particular question or event to be meaningful? Yes, and numbers on our clocks and calendars do stand out for us, but they are half truths. They are true in moments, but lies in the face of eternity.

Ok, so I got off in the aether again. Let’s look at more concrete experience. Ever notice that all events seem to turn out, like they do, more by a matter of degrees than by any absolute value?

Hence the phrase, if not but for the grace of God, go I. Everything happening by a fraction of a hair. If I say the word Yeti now, it has a very low impact, limited value. But when other factors are in play that make the word Yeti make sense, the situation adds up to that word being spoken. Then it can have a great deal of power. This is why people think magick words don’t work. They think they should have absolute values in order to be real. Where in truth, these words actually have meanings and are connected to reality by context. They have their time and place, and if you have the understanding of the word in question at the right time and place, it can empower you to perform in ways that seem supernatural, inexplicable, beyond common sense.

The power of suggestion? It’s more than the power of suggestion. Recent research suggests that the theory of suggestion may in fact actually be false. It’s more the power of structured intention.

Right time, right place. That idea of magick is one that is alive and well in the business world. It‘s a common phrase. To be successful it’s not about the idea, but more about having the right time and place for it. Yes. They say that luck is just preparation meeting opportunity.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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