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There is much truth behind jokes. The joke of the divine trickster is that he’s serious.

Balancing The Equation in Numerology


Now if I can not create, because that’s not really possible, let’s say I discover a word that encapsulates an event or process in a single all inclusive way. When I encounter those situations, my word will influence my thinking. The one word unlocks a whole serious of intuitive understandings and insights, and I will be able to show what people would consider a mastery of that specific event.

I guess the best gamblers know it’s not really luck. They are just very good at spotting the chances? Good at spotting the chances, counting cards, understanding the structure of the game. This is why we are so acronym happy. Makes very complex thought more simple and faster, allowing us to pore more understanding into shorter moments of time. Thus another system of numerology involves understanding not just the values of numbers, but their symmetry. All metaphysical/magical symbolism is about symmetry. Every mystical figure you see is an equation, from Tibetan mandalas, to Navajo sand paintings, to Australian aboriginal petroglyphs.

Magic is about inserting pieces of code? Yes, and I seem to be going off into outer space again. So maybe some personal experience.

Because of my disability, I cannot really see shades of gray in experience. I am a very literal thinker, but don’t be confused. I don’t see black and white either. I don’t see duality. I just see relationships, cause and effect. So my thinking and behaviour often seem very strange to people, illogical, irrational. But I can function with fuzzy logic. Everything going on in my head is very ordered.

Simple example then, and how it relates to numerology. Let’s say we are having a conversation. In this conversation, you are relating some negative thinking to me, and at one point I may say nothing against it. Even affirm your thinking. But at another point and on the same subject, I may swear at you and attack the thinking. My behaviour might seem quite shocking, but is it actually random? What do you think?

No. I bet you have a reason. In the first situation, I may have observed that you are at a sensitive point in your growth.

I’m not sure. Swearing usually does cause the person to pause and maybe even get angry themselves. And yes, I might be deliberately trying to make you angry, because I know what anger does. For me, anger doesn’t have any absolute value. I see it and it’s impact in that moment only. This is considered a lack of insight to conventional thinkers.

In the second situation, I may perceive that you are just practicing a style of thinking that’s creating an imbalance in your life. So I will take action to break into your moment there, especially if we are very close because your imbalanced equation will wind up unbalancing mine. This is why some things that people think very strange actually irritate me very much, or make me out and out angry.

I generally predict events coming in peoples lives very easily if I can see what they are currently doing. Because it’s all just math to me. Can you see how this is possible?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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