I talk a lot does it make me a fool? I am saying silence by itself isn’t wisdom. A man of few words can just be dull.

Universal Language in Numerology


Metaphysics and magick are at their heart a language. This is why I took to them early on, it being my gifted area. But unlike regular language, the relationships are not strictly defined. Thus they often call magick both an art and a science.

Since humanity has felt the urge to speak at all, there has been a sense of rhythm, timing. Syllables give structure to our words, otherwise they are just long formless grunts.

Mathematics is not just the universal language of science, it’s the language of intuition and some might even say God. We couldn’t avoid thinking about numbers and exploring the relationship between them. Not more than we could avoid our physical world and trying to figure out how to thrive in it.

Is it likely that all intelligent life can use some kind of mathematics? Not just on earth I mean. Yes. In fact, if the intelligence has a nervous system that is functionally like our own, then its function would be binary in nature. Neuron on/ neuron off. Also, our very ability to decipher what something looks like stems from facets of our vision having variable values, not just qualities, but degrees of any different quality. The brain actually acts differently when perceiving light green versus dark green.

Is that how they say certain colours can stimulate things like appetite? Like using a green table cloth? It is, yes.

The analog mind? Indeed.

Now in magick and metaphysical practice, they don’t settle for surface observations. They want to see how reality all fits together. How all the pieces of the big cosmic clock work. So they look for things that might lay behind what is obvious to our senses. One of these things they have observed is numbers. You won’t see things in nature walking around with numbers marked on them. There isn’t any simple orderly system that lays itself out for us to reference like a cosmic cook book. Which rather than invalidating numbers, adds more depth to the fact that we can even perceive them at all.

So like a drawing vs. a 3d image? It makes things more interesting to us. Indeed.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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