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Hi, low and in between also. You should always greet people however they approach you. I think we should greet people with the word “Sideways”, it’s much more dynamic.

It’s All Language in Language


Do we choose words because of an inherent energy the sound makes (freq. etc.), or do we impart the energy to the words with our intent? Both actually. The pattern of language is in the world; birds, bees, dolphins, whales. It’s really everywhere. The emissions from quartz deposits are patterned. They are not white noise, and essentially everything talks. For the longest while science believed otherwise, especially with animals. This was just a prejudice, and bad science. They have learned this is very far from the truth, and they even have experimented to see if simians, chimps and apes, were actually of their free will favouring more complex language. They found this to be exactly the truth, even to the point of a chimp mother disciplining its young when it screamed and gesticulated, making it make the sign. This sound far fetched? They even pick up behaviours we don’t teach them, like lying, and joking, all on their own.

Words/sounds are higher in energy then matter, so closer to spirit? That is the universal belief across metaphysical circles.  Even in orthodox medicine, ultrasound treatment is used to heal, or speed the healing of many illnesses, and injury itself. So there is substance to these structured sounds that even reflects in our neural firing patterns, and how our brain structures RNA.

Or even whale song? Yes, even whale song, and other species do respond to hearing whale song. Language is by no means confined to a species. Parrots can acquire volitional use of words.  This has been established. Whales are very meditative creatures. So it’s like the group meditation benefit even with musical structure.

There are some phrases the Buddhists have, where they say you benefit from just looking at them.  And they are right. It’s all language. Even the pattern of worms in a tree is a record of meaning, both of the structure of the tree, and the passing of the seasons, as well as the traffic of passing predators. It’s all information everywhere. Any expert in any field will learn to ‘read it like a book’. We can take an active part in this universal communication instead of being so narcissistic and solipsistic. We have our higher language functions for a reason, and we can’t afford to disregard our language, and thinking, and action. It’s literally all one thing.

Even the patterns in tree bark is a language. It communicates what the tree was aware of, sun, and water, and minerals, and although it’s not established yet, the biophilia effect. There isn’t a dialogue yet between the world and humans, and this is having a very natural impact. Life thrives around other life. Life in isolation withers. The Pine Barrens of Jersey are in danger because of how humans have changed things there, and changed the relationships. As you communicate the world hears you. As we communicate as a species the world hears us, but it isn’t a dialogue. It’s been a psychotic monologue, and the world has and will respond. We send very simple messages; “You are dead”, “What you want doesn’t matter”, “You exist just to serve me”, “I like you, but not as well as I like killing you”. These messages have gotten across very clearly, have they not?

I walk in communications with the world, but I drive with selfishness about the world. Yes, nature respects self interest. It doesn’t punish the hunting wolf, but what we are doing is no where near self interest. I see the will of the world communicating with us.  It isn’t hard to see.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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