'Language' Chapter

Graphical Representation

It’s not just words. Nothing you do or say is “just” anything. It’s you who inform the world through language. Body language, internal dialogue that we call thinking, it’s all language, and you inform the world. You tell it. It doesn’t tell you. We express our spirit in our inner world, our thinking, which manifests in the outer world in body language and speech, but the process of language is creative. The world was created in speaking, out of silence, and the beat goes on.

“Language shapes the way we think, and determines what we can think about.” Benjamin Lee Whorf (American Linguist 1897-1941)

“Thought is the blossom; language the bud; action the fruit behind it” Ralph Waldo Emerson (American Poet, Lecturer and Essayist, 1803-1882)

“Change your language and you change your thoughts.” Karl Albrecht

Inform the World

There is much criticism of language in the fad monasticism that seems to be the vogue of spirituality lately. Very Zen, and I’m no critic of Zen, but there is stuff beyond that point. Sort of like the Buddhist handling… Seek More

It’s All Language

Do we choose words because of an inherent energy the sound makes (freq. etc.), or do we impart the energy to the words with our intent? Both actually. The pattern of language is in the world; birds, bees, dolphins, whales.… Seek More

The World is Listening

The first discipline of language magic is listening, and at first you will be listening to yourself. This is necessary. As you listen to yourself, you will see the pattern and how it impacts the world. At this point, you… Seek More

Speak and Create

It’s not just words. Nothing you do or say is “just” anything. The energy in you to act wasn’t created by you. As it leaves you it imprints the world, and the world is a diary. Well, what have we… Seek More

Theban Cypher

The script known as Theban has no clearly established origin, and little lore directly linked to it by itself. If anything, the history of the Theban script runs parallel to the history of renaissance occultism. It’s typically considered a “cypher”… Seek More


Perhaps we should discuss syncretism as a religious/ philosophical/ metaphysical trend? Syncretism has a long history and transcends cultural boundaries. Monotheism tends to rule it out, but the majority of the world’s religions weren’t originally monotheistic. Like the Egyptian tradition… Seek More

Attune to Higher Realities

Latin and Hebrew are two of the most frequently used languages in occult philosophy, and Cabalism makes deliberate use of cyphers not even necessarily for encryption, but as a way to divine secret meaning from “inspired” passages. Their traditional poetry… Seek More

DNA of the Spiritual Realm

In occult lore, characters, alphabets, were the “DNA” of the spiritual realm, revealed rather than invented. There is some loose evidence to support this even in modern science as they continue to study the process of cognition and more specifically… Seek More

Earliest Written Language

The earliest “written” language would have been pictographic. Cave paintings would in time become more complex, to the point where say in the work of the native tribes of the northwest, you get complex imagery, almost mandala like composite “pictures”… Seek More

Evolution of Written Language

To begin with, written language or what would lead to written language, took not one form but two. The obvious pictographic imagery and what would be the earliest ideographs. Imagine for a moment you have one of the earliest cave… Seek More