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Creates an Order in Our Minds in Language

Graphical Representation

They tried to alphabetize our native Hawaiian language. Our phonetics, each and every sound and syllable, had roots in very ancient sound forms that echoed connectives to primal forces, energies, actions. I have been taught these sounds. Primordial expression.

Written word is kind of like freezing sound. It was visions and ideas first, sound only came later except for cultures where sound evolved beyond the basic ideas most cultures expressed. World cultures musical insight didn’t all evolve at the same pace, some went farther faster, some only developed musically later, and there are a rare few that still haven’t really.

Geometry would be ideographic, and originally stemmed from humanities effort to understand spatial relationships or geography. Just where is the mountain in relationship to the river? In time it would be adapted to depict more abstract relationships than geography.

Where is the moon in relationship to “me”? Or the sun? Or anything? Indeed, and these images would come to represent concepts we still recognize today that have no concrete meaning really at all, like the sigils you may see in various bits of occult literature, or the patterns present in traditional Scottish fabric work. What is it called again?

Tartan? Yes. Celtic knot work would be another example. These patterns and symbols have meaning, but only abstract meaning. When someone draws a pentagram they are not really trying to depict a star.

So have we covered the basic structure of written language would you say? It creates an order that exists only in our minds, or so they say, thus the effort to alphabetize the Hawaiian language would likely seem invasive. I wager the resistance to having an alphabet assigned to the Hawaiian language isn’t as simple as just rejecting having the language put to order. It’s the order that would be created that would be foreign, unnatural, inappropriate, and outsiders, especially whites, tend to have a sort of egotistical attitude about these things, but back to the point…

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