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Inform the World in Language


There is much criticism of language in the fad monasticism that seems to be the vogue of spirituality lately. Very Zen, and I’m no critic of Zen, but there is stuff beyond that point. Sort of like the Buddhist handling of the concept of Gods. They don’t go there, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

The story of the creation has been done in a lot of ways, and the secret of language magic is that it’s always happening. The “creation” happened, and it hasn’t ever stopped. Every moment starts in a void, an open space in our minds function. It is even proven in science that the brains function is not uninterrupted, just tightly laced.

Now the Zen criticism of language is solid. For most they are so enmeshed in repetitive language that their inner dialogue becomes like a mantra, and mantras work. They create your reality. The purpose of space in the language net is not to destroy the language net though, it’s to allow you to navigate without being tangled up in it. It frees you from ego, and the sick consensus if you can get there, but it doesn’t uncreate reality.

We all have that void phase, but in the void is the spirit of words. Preverbal children still have the potential to gain language, and the ability to assign words to experiences and objects. The process of language isn’t a lie. It’s belief that the language is what it isn’t that is illusion. From that beginning “uninformed” state (the point of the fool in the tarot), it isn’t the world that informs you. It’s you who inform the world through language. Body language, internal dialogue that we call thinking, it’s all language, and you inform the world. You tell it. It doesn’t tell you. That’s why learning can seem so complicated.

We err to say ‘it’s just words’? Yes, that is a mistaken assertion. It’s an attempt to grasp a problem, but the problem the person who says that is reacting to, is not in language. It’s not in words, it’s in spirit. It’s a disconnect.

You do inform the world, but the void state, that state before speech, is the dynamic of creation itself. In you, but human beings have strange notions, and divorce themselves from that power in their thinking. They think destruction is the opposite of creation, negation the opposite of deposition, negative the opposite of positive, none of these are true, but we busily create what we perceive as the opposite of our desire, the opposite of our power. We create our own powerlessness, and it starts with inner language, and it’s fed by outer language.

We express our spirit in our inner world, our thinking, which manifests in the outer world in body language and speech, but the process of language is creative. Every creator started by first talking to his or herself, and there are no exceptions. They get an inspiration, they are “in-spirited”, or enthusiastic. The word enthusiastic comes from the Greek en’theos, god dwelling in you. They muse on it, and if someone hits them with a counter argument (as our world is very much in love with doing), the creative process is created against. Many creators like the Wright brothers and Edison were delayed, for no other reason than someone not having anything to do, but create against their creation.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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