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Death is the great equalizer, and all change is heat death, a.k.a. entropy.

World Record in Inheritance


We are discussing the Watchers. Anyone familiar with them?

The Watcher vs. outsider? They are opposed, yes. The Watchers are not outsiders. They have lived alongside humanity for as long as humanity has existed.

They’re protectors? For the most part, yes. But they do not share human philosophies or ideals, not in a simple way.

What is your definition of Watcher? I do not want to inject information that is not correlative to your line of thought. Please do. The best way to reveal some of the deepest mysteries in my experience is by synthesis. Collective observations from all world cultures.

In Hawaii, we call them Ke Kilo ‘Uhane Hoku and they have been part of us from the get go. Kilo is a Watcher with extra ordinary perceptions and mana. They do have leaders among them. ‘Uhane is spirit, dream. Hoku are stars and a vague reference to our ancestors and named in chants. The last in our family was my mother’s generation. Ke Klio ‘Uhane, Hoku.

What were the first people like in your Hawaiian tradition? They were highly evolved psychically, and also keepers of some sort of codes.

The Watchers typically present themselves to human awareness with what could be called a sign, like one in really recent record that everyone saw as an owl.

Owl, aka pueo, are among our aumakua. Our guardian spirits with messages and are also among Watchers.

Would they be all surprised if they were seen? Would it be possible to see them without them expecting it? Can Watchers be surprised or confused? In world record, they all can with some exceptions naturally. The Aesir and Vanir were subject to surprise.

I had a forum article shared with me by someone who saw a tall grey-ish partially transparent entity watching from behind a tree, that ran away when it was confronted. The posting described entities that stir up bad emotions to feed on. I was wondering what your take on that would be? Well, not all of the entities are upright individuals. Some are more criminal in leaning, and that could be called mana eating. The small people have always been vexing to many human cultures, and were seen as keepers of a dark place were there is both light and horror.

My friend wanted to know why he would see such entities or why they would be drawn to him. The one he saw was tall. The tall grey shadowy humanoid present in the States is called a stick walker. They were considered to eat your heart, likely meaning they cause heart failure.

He says it was very fast, speed wise. Yes. Is he of native descent? Somewhat. They were predators on the native peoples of the United States.

So it is an outsider and not a Watcher? Yes. How would one be rid of a stick walker if it were a problem? They can be tricked into feeding on something unfit, and they can’t tell the difference between images and life.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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