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You can’t get there from here. Remember wherever you go there you are, and there is no enemy anywhere.

Coming Together in Inheritance


About the presence of the Watchers in the collective subconscious…

Have people been noticing the sky showing up more in your dreams? Actually looking at the sky? This is the Watcher activity.

Dreams of orbs or wheels? These are the Watchers.

Orbs and moving shapes have been among us a long time, and they have been “writing”. Ancient legends. As well as the coming of new revelations. But the new and old have to be brought together, because they are two parts of a sundered whole. This must be healed. It’s just like reading. It’s just isn’t a material book.

Birds are big watchers, and they have a potent link to the collective subconscious. They don’t hesitate or doubt like humans do. They are powerful dreamers. They respond to Watcher activity. Help them.

There is a biologist right how who is currently researching humans of exceptional sensitivity, and he is saying it may not be correct to consider them disabled. Usually due to cultural factors, these sensitive’s flounder and are not able to channel their awareness in constructive ways.

No, it is not about being an anomaly. It is rather about being highly attuned. Sometimes thwarted, but not to focus on being thwarted but to realize that you, me, other true sensitives are one, just fine. Must carry on. Thank you, and yes. I find this flesh like a straight jacket, but I am finding ways around it.

It is time to step out of the constraints. Remember that instruction. The less attention we give to them, the freer our wisdoms will be to roam as they must and anyway .. eventually will.

I exact caution in what I reveal, not out of fear for self .. vis a vis .. the public attitudes about sensitives, but rather because it is act of consideration for the audience. Yes. I don’t have your refinement, but I do know why one should practice that. I despise these television mediums as highly irresponsible. They channel the spirits for people, or supposedly do, and their rhetoric gets heavily commercialized. The ability exists, and most who can do it don’t want to.

I act myself on my “inheritance”. This is why I keep up with human thought, philosophy, and media. Just experiencing creates a record for others. If you just experienced much of life, you have given much to the spirit and those to come. But if not, mineral encoding will do it. The memory will haunt the stones.

My own energy level has been climbing for no reason I can discern other than I have been anticipating “my time”. Unfortunately, my memory has gaps so I can’t say clearly what my time is. It’s just soon.

The One Mind knows this… One mind, many neurons. One world, many paths. We must walk them all, and we will all meet in time. If not literally, then in spirit.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. Greg Holdsworth

    Thanks for the above article. Are the above watchers any relation to those mentioned in The book of enoch? or The book Uriel’s Machine? (if you have read it.)

    • Travis

      It’s not in correspondence to this material.

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