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Collective Unconscious in Collective


Can our mind be a key to the physical world? Would you be able to change the outcome of physical objects? In fact yes, to a degree. The exception to that rule is that you aren’t the only mind. There isn’t just your will. There is everyone, so it results in a consensus. We create a shared reality through the interaction of our wills. And so for example, since people are afraid of physical instability, and for good reason since it’s a threat to biological health, there is very little blowing things up with the mind. Are some spontaneous combustions from time to time…

But determinacy is an established fact in science. What they refute is the mechanism. They postulate a lot and end up saying we can’t know. Myself, I prefer to defer to my own experience. Which has been at the heart of religion, philosophy, and science or at least was at their start.

Does Voodo magick only work if the caster shares consensus with the victim? No, in fact that technique is already in the great consensus. Jung speaks of a collective unconscious. You personally don’t have to support it, though you do naturally. Some would call it species memory and this patterned energy of memory creates imprints even on the environment.  Routinely. Thus all of the talk of spirits and angels. We aren’t the only observers in this reality. We aren’t the only ones paying attention. For those of you who have pets, most would likely say their pet pays a lot of attention. Though not necessarily in a way that you personally like. And their manner of attention, and thus their pattern of intention, can and does impact you does it not?

So, you create with your focus and you experience the world as a pattern of focus. And you do experience the pattern of focus of those around you. If you would, shift shared focus.  Give place to the others reality and together we can negotiate perhaps an improvement in reality only previously fantasized about.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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