'Collective' Chapter


The current influence of ancient spiritual/religious practices on the human collective “psychic” atmosphere, and it’s impact on the universal field of consciousness. I’m usually more tightly focused on topics, but this will perhaps be enjoyable anyway. Our culture used to have a shared vision of life, tightly focused, but today that focus is on auto-pilot. Ever feel like you have a relationship with your computer or your car? There is a very real thing going on there. We influence what we observe.

“Punishment is now unfashionable… because it creates moral distinctions among men, which, to the democratic mind, are odious. We prefer a meaningless collective guilt to a meaningful individual responsibility.” Thomas S. Szasz (Hungarian psychiatrist and Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus at State University of New York Health Science Center in Syracuse, b.1920)

“Epics typically appeal to the collective unconscious. They are brands, deeply entrenched in the mind and such is their recall that the first week’s turnout is nearly assured.” Rajeev Sharma

Collective Unconscious

Can our mind be a key to the physical world? Would you be able to change the outcome of physical objects? In fact yes, to a degree. The exception to that rule is that you aren’t the only mind. There… Seek More

Creatures of Myth

It’s often said of past cultures and their practices that we are more enlightened than they were, but I offer that we aren’t any more enlightened. We’re just further down the road. Many of our modern creeds, value systems, and… Seek More

Our Minds

I am dealing specifically with the mind, and not specific spiritual values. We can’t make technologies and leave our minds unaltered, but we have ignored or even countered the natural patterns of the mind. We make machines that generate levels… Seek More

Modern Magic

I see Carl Jung as having been an excellent scientist, a definite peer to Einstein. Though their focuses were different, their understanding of the minds role in the world was the same. Basically, they were modern wizards, and they weren’t… Seek More