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The source, the one life is no one being. It isn’t the property of some cranky old man off in space.

Our Minds in Collective


I am dealing specifically with the mind, and not specific spiritual values.

We can’t make technologies and leave our minds unaltered, but we have ignored or even countered the natural patterns of the mind. We make machines that generate levels of force our minds can’t even track, like the speeds of automobiles. What has been the consequence of that? We die, but for what purpose?

I fail to see how you separate logic and mind. Surely logic is inherently of the mind? My mind can see your words, and needs to perform no operation of logic on them. The mind can envision grand things, and they need no calculation to be arrived at. Logic is an artifice as is any other technology. Many who are in mental health hospitals, schizophrenics and such, have a logically consistent world view. If what they perceived actually had any correspondence to reality, to the physical functional reality, then it wouldn’t be an issue.

Much of what has ever impressed the mind still impresses our minds, even if not in its original form. Every statement can be seen to have both a literal and implied meaning, and you might be surprised to see how many relics of archaic thinking are still very much affecting us, like the idea of the inherent virtues or evils of matter. Our science has shown that matter as it is, is just sort of neutral. It doesn’t follow any specific agenda anyone can perceive from observing matter alone, but we still feel that some things are virtuous and should be produced and cherished, and some things are inherently evil.

The idea of nuclear weapons. We see them now as almost possessed of their own power of intention, but they have no such power of intention. Without human will they are just sort of inert objects. We ascribe connections to ideas, or forces to many things we encounter or own, and even advertising relies on this. An advertisement is much like a Shamans fetish. The difference being, it doesn’t reflect your will, but someone else’s. This is why in ancient traditions they would tell people not to touch a Shamans gear. This is what they were focused on. The average person in ancient times didn’t really understand the things a wise person used, and all they knew was the wise person succeeded, so their things must have a mysterious power. Today, many people see computers in exactly the same way. They have no idea of how a program works, or how hardware fulfills its function, but they see that it does. In older schools they would have a very natural and intuitive view of this.  But in shunning the old views now, what we have left is just a pervasive apathy. If a “magic” thing seemed to bring ill fortune they would be very active about it, and would want it stopped. Now people just shrug and say “Well, the scientists know what they are doing”, “The doctor knows what he or she is doing”.

When we break everything into parts our minds can’t hold all the pieces? This raises a solid point. There is as much virtue in a holistic world view as there is in reason, but we don’t have that balance for the most part anymore.

It’s like trusting free will. Humans have a tendency to chose material over spiritual. Yes, this is true, but it didn’t happen because of a shallow rejection of Gods or spirituality. It happened because we started saying that matter was not spiritual. The world was Gods world in the dark ages, and most had no sense of division. That world of God is still very much here, but instead of a spirit world of the elements and the forces of nature, we have a spirit world of false idols, ideals and aspirations, ambitions and human artifice. I’m not saying that’s wrong, our ambitions and desires are fine, but we gut ourselves. In our supposed wisdom we reject what is still our nature. It was our ancestors natures also. We are not so wise when we take the patterns that all things were based on and just say “Nah, that just doesn’t exist”.  Anyone disagree?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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