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My prize is in seeing.

Modern Magic in Collective


I see Carl Jung as having been an excellent scientist, a definite peer to Einstein. Though their focuses were different, their understanding of the minds role in the world was the same. Basically, they were modern wizards, and they weren’t motivated by proving their faith in the materialistic world. They didn’t even have the motivation of research grants and that stuff. They were engaging a realm of reality that has always existed. What Jung pointed out was that it wasn’t “subjective”, that our supposed subjective world is as much arising from the reality we acknowledge as any science does. Just trying to see clearly was their only real motivation. Intuition and the desire to see clearly what their intuition told them was there. They found applications because this realm of knowledge is real. From out of the “ether” they drew insights that no one had previously established. Tesla is another example. He never made it big, but was motivated by that very same world as Jung and Einstein were.

“Physical concepts are free creations of the human mind, and are not, however it may seem, uniquely determined by the external world.“
Albert Einstein.

We practice our modern magic with half a mind, if that. In our effort to fix the world did we not break it? We “broke it down”, saw the pieces, and now the pieces bleed into our rivers, contaminate our food and our shelters. There were other ways to do as well or better than we did, but the reasons were “magical”. They couldn’t be proven by the pieces. If I showed you a rivet from a car, I couldn’t prove to you it could produce such a machine either.

We still live in that world of magic, in those fairy tales, and actually our stories have gotten much worse. They offer less guidance. If someone were to walk out into a public social place and talk vocally about a magical world view, they would be seen as insane would they not? Where is the sanity to contrast the magical view to?

Do you believe you will be able to eat later? Do you believe you will be able to get up from your chair? There isn’t any actual evidence of this. Some people who study and practice magic aren’t fully confident in it. At least in the back of their mind, they see it as an archaic thing that fascinates them, but supposedly not as factual as science. Where is the actual proof of their suspicion other than mass opinion? If supposedly there is no magic does it even matter? If there are no Gods does it even matter? I would say that a view that incorporates the internal world, and admits the expression of the internal elements of our physical presence, is responsible.

Maybe people can relate to this. Ever feel like you have a relationship with your computer or your car? As if on some level you haven’t rationalized, you can communicate with it and are? Even if there is no science to that does it actually matter? There is a very real thing going on there anyway.

Shintoism had views like that. Animism is actually very common, and Bon is an ancient Chinese religion that there is a spirit in everything. Even if it isn’t literally true, how would that matter? If animism is real only in human minds, why is that supposedly unreal? And how did we come up with it if it doesn’t relate in any way to external reality? We influence what we observe. We share spirit, and we are spirits. If someone declares publicly that they see spirits they would be thought crazy. I would find it questionable if you thought you saw anything other than spirits.  Am I insane?

Why do we have to see them? Isn’t it enough that they’re there? I will explain why you have to see them, and it isn’t intellectual hubris. You have to see them, because the order from which human nature arises includes sight. You can know them, because the same order is the source of the knowing mind. This isn’t something you have to make an agenda. The reason you don’t see them isn’t because you don’t see. You are in that seeming paradoxical state simply because of what you conclude when you do see, and not really for any other reason. You are busy telling yourself that the mind does such and such a thing, and doesn’t do anything else. We are very involved in what the mind supposedly does, but children aren’t concerned with what their mind does, and they see spirits routinely. Schizophrenics can’t keep track of what the mind does very well, so though they can’t cope very well it is almost a given that they have amazing insights.

The order that makes a persons mind “not form right” … Well, I would say it’s just an order, and the idea of right and not right aren’t such cut and dried things. I tend to defer to the Taoist views.  If they in their difference move in harmony with the greater Tao, even if you think them strange, they are right in their heads anyway as are you potentially. It’s actually how they distinguish between neurosis and psychosis. If you do anything that serves no functional adaptive purpose, it’s a neurosis. If you don’t have free will in choosing to do it or not, then it’s psychosis, and that is the only distinction. I would say that the mystical traditions, the spiritual paths, are not psychosis or neurosis, and that they are an expression of a very real aspect of this same existence that spawns humans. Humanity! What a concept …

By accepting these things about ourselves we are accepting reality more, not less, and to just tell ourselves arbitrarily that we don’t live in the psychic world of our ancestors … Well, then I would say did your elders make no impression on you? Did their elders make no impression on them? Does the body itself have no impact on consciousness? Science says so, but they just stop short, and why do they? Why must we? Maybe I’m wrong, but is there a reason we should stop short of understanding?

Fear? Regarding fear, it seems we have only two primal fears, falling and loud noises. So are we taught a battery of fear, or is perhaps that fear in the world beyond us? Maybe that fear and other things, the Gods and the passions they represent, the behaviour and wills of the forces of nature and our living neighbours, animals and plants, are very much real and we live in a world that is as much that as it is rational and matter. We arose from that realm, and things have arisen from us. If no demons existed, in the name of fear we would spawn them anyway. There is no separation between us and the spirit or “first energy” that originated us, is there?

Sometimes the biggest barrier to a metaphysical psychic practice is just accepting it as it is. Getting centered and getting your bearings, and making your own choice regarding it. Most people don’t. If someone disagrees with what I’ve said that’s fine, it may very well do what I intended to do anyway. The agitation can make them decide firmly on what is true for them.  What they believe and know.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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  1. jonesey

    magic is all around us, when arod swings a wood bat a hits the 600 homer people get up and go crazy jumping up and down down and up, arod performed magic arod is a wizard.
    music and movies are magic they change the energy of ones surroundings. i sea absolutly no difference between musicians and magicians

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