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One reaches romantic maturity when they have accepted their “opposite” side and instead of looking for their opposite, they look for the truely “other”.

Empathy with Pets in Animal Guides

Cat Totem

I will begin by talking about empathy, and empathy is not compassion. Empathy is the ability to feel the feelings in creatures and places, like entering the presence of someone who’s depressed, and without asking or making a “logical” observation knowing that they are. Has anyone experienced this?

Much of the “telepathic” is rooted in empathy. Even scientists note that there is a phenomenon they call biophilia. Life thrives around other life. Also, in threat situations your emotional mind will react first, well before your intellectual mind can do anything. This is an emotional bottom line. An empathic reaction of life to other life.

The uh-oh feeling? Yes, it’s the source of the uh-oh feeling, and it is usually right. We place a great deal of value on our “higher” faculties, but they are still not the dominant factor in our own survival. Even soldiers report that they survive more on their gut than their head, and they survive more by empathy than blood lust. It is even quoted in Sun-Tzu’s ‘The Art of War‘.

But to get more on the subject of pets, we all have a primal connection to the life around us, the world itself. People dismiss psychic connection to animals, because they expect to sense recognizable thought, and animals perceive themselves and the world often very differently than humans do. Your brain couldn’t translate a cats sense of vision very well, but what comes readily is empathy, and it is the basis for interspecies communication. How many here have pets? Do you find that though you aren’t really getting ideas, and you might not even be watching your pets, you can anticipate their motivations and needs?

Yes, for sure.
They always make their wants known.
Yes, they have very distinctive body language.
My animals read my mind.

They can in a sense read our minds. Is it really a process of intellectual observation that lets you know?

All I have to do is think about ear medicine, and my dog hides. Yes, it notices things in you.

Science has identified a whole nervous system in us. They identify it as the mirroring nervous system. It reproduces states of body language and mannerisms letting us identify another’s state. But it’s my observation that it’s not that narrow in its function or abilities. For one, if it’s reproducing body language only, how would whisker posture, or ear posture, or the position of four legs, mean anything to us at all? We are very different from animals, and yet we can still understand them, and they us. I would put forth that the mirroring nervous system is broadly representational, and that aspect of our minds is shared. Being passive, it receives and imitates inputs from everything, creating an inner mirror world. A “psychic” world in as much as it’s a mental representation of our world, but we connect differently there.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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