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Have any of you as children just sat, and tried to see the world as an animal does? And it’s not confined to childhood, just many people get jaded. Now, by what process of reason could one explain succeeding at that?

Imagination? Ok, if it’s imagination, how is it that we can be correct about anything?

Instincts? Something shared? Yes. We are animals also. Ever focus on a specific animal you knew well? Did you find that this behaviour got your pets attention? If animals behave as people say they do, then why would it? Why would your efforts be so attention getting?

They know when you’re talking about them, or even looking at them. They become attuned to their human, and many pets are more interested in people then other animals of their kind.  It has already been scientifically established that some species even developed a limited receptive vocabulary. The Asian people originally mistook orangutans for wild men, because of how they reacted to things and seemed to anticipate human behaviour. This is observed even now. They have found that chimpanzees have better short term memory than we do. A chimp in Sweden was observed to spend its quiet mornings gathering rocks.  It was not disturbed during this time, but it was anticipating being provoked by human visitors later. It got them to throw, and it did throw them. People put a lot of stock on speech, but other species show very complex vocalizations.  Just as complex, if not more so, than humans. Is speech really the hallmark of our minds? The pinnacle of our intelligence?

In your environment you are exposed to bioelectrical signals before you even hear any sound. Some species are so sensitive to even mild electrical fields it disorients them, like sharks. Bats have electrically sensitive structures in their mouths, and bio-luminescence is so complex that biologists are now focusing on it to read the health of our planet itself, and it’s electrically generated. Our planet is surrounded in a field of ions, basically free electricity, and somehow the intelligible electrical signals in your brain can’t be sensed by others?

What is it that makes an organism luminescent? Is it really electricity? It is triggered by their biochemistry and neural activity. It brightens when they are stimulated, and the same is true in fireflies. Even birds have been shown to be sensitive to the planets magnetic poles, yet supposedly we sense nothing?

Would unhealthy environments stimulate them less? Or more, until they fall ill, panicked, or erratic patterns.

We don’t need to feel all that anymore to survive. We do sense those changes too, but we just don’t care to pay attention, or don’t know how. It is irrelevant for us, so information we discard? I’m not sure it’s irrelevant. I would say that though our cognitive development produces an advantage, it also generated an aberration, and thus now we have high degrees of mental illness. As a species we are very far from calm, though the biophilia effect is observed to be calming.

Our brain is too busy to notice things? Exactly, that is my point. Cats have long periods that we describe as non active, but it isn’t actually so, and other species also do. A rabbit will freeze in place, and it’s not because it’s not trying to see to its own safety. There is a reason, and it’s true in us also. Our pets have even grown more strange in their behaviours.

Our supposedly advantaged minds are creating an impact on the world, are they not? What price genius, if the very root of mind rots?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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