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You can change reality mearly by correctly directing peoples focus.

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Cat Totem

Those who would listen, and I don’t mean with their ears, but with the receptive mind, those who’s hearts are open to the world and other species, are growing and changing. There are those who perhaps don’t even know why. At least they don’t know yet, but their empathy is coupled with a compassionate heart, and as they become more active our imbalance could be healed. Heal it, and heal the earth. We were not meant to disconnect from that consciousness. We have become like a secondary and antagonistic presence in the Gaia mind. This isn’t necessary.

Like a virus? Actually, not even that useful. Viruses are a part of the genetic pool, and an active evolutionary agent. My own genetic difference is considered an evolutionary defect in conventional thinking.

Our most readily available teachers for healing this are our animals. Communication with our beloved animal family members. We can teach them, but we have been doing it over much. We need more to remember, and reconnect to the world they live in. They are stress reducers for us for the same reason we sooth our own young, if we are psychically healthy enough to effectively sooth our young. They sense the psychic distress, and have a psychic as well as physical response. How many of you sense your pets staring at you? It doesn’t feel weird like human possessiveness does it?

She is reading me when she does that, maybe just to make sure all is well? Yes, your pet can and does, and sometimes even if they don’t approach you, you can you feel them send to you?

Like children also do? Yes, children can also, until we condition them out of it. We toughen our children, and tell them to “think”. They were thinking in our natural way, and could learn even our skills, but for some reason we as a culture believe they have to stop “imagining stuff” first, and animals bond readily with children for this reason. They share the same primal empathy.

It’s not about imagination, but about fears? Indeed, but the fears are created by adults, children just react to them.

Do you follow the belief that owners and pets begin looking and acting alike? I do. The basis of empathy is also the basis of psychic healing. It is known in some scientific circles as the morpho-genetic field. In others, it’s just called the aura. It serves as the psychic framework for the organic body, and it is mutable.

Maybe people pick out pets that look like themselves without even knowing? They do that also, and pick out pets that synchronize with their temperament/psychic energy pattern.  Which also would mean similar phenotype (basic body shape), because biology works the same across species.

Oh no, I have a old hound dog. What does that say? They are not literally synonymous, but just sympathetically linked. I would ask, do you prefer the simple life? Yes, for sure. Then is the connection not obvious?

Do you think if my dog was reunited with her litter mates she would recognise that? I think it’s possible.  But animals psychically mature also, and you would discover it’s true with your other pets just as easily, though it might not feel the same.

Our animals don’t get enough respect. I agree, they don’t, and they are more aware than people think they are.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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