New age thinking is based on grossly misinterpreted ancient thinking. If I’m following a trail and it goes off a cliff, I’m not going to jump off.

Each Organism is Linked in Animal Paths

Animal Paths

I have a question to ask you all. How do you know a path when you are on one?

I think you have a sense of purpose. Some people feel lost, but others are not.

There is an edge to it.

It has a unique scent and the air quality has changed too. All systems are go.

You feel inside that it is the right path.

A sense of curiosity about what lies ahead.

All that exists moves. By definition, any movement is along a path, but are all paths visible to the eye? There are many forms that the land can take. It takes one form to the eye, another to the ear, even a form to the sense of smell, but there are also paths we sense inside ourselves, paths of consciousness.

Everything we know to have anything like a mind has more than just an awareness of itself. It is also aware of things it has a relationship to. Do things decide their behaviour all by themselves? Independently of other things?

Some auto body functions do that. Even those are affected by gut flora, even mitochondria. People tend to say the life of a bug is well, sort of dead end. Why is that? Can people generally conceive of mosquito transcendence?

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I guess they think it needs more complexity to have continuance. This is a common view. It is also not true.

Though their perception of time is probably much quicker than ours. Their nervous systems function at a speed that makes what seems like a moment to us seem much longer to them. To the spider, the period of time it took you to approach it on the counter might as well have been a week.

Animals on all levels contain within them the potential that lead to the seemingly greater complexity we perceive up the food chain. The ant lacks much complexity by itself as a single unit, but it’s inner make-up does include all the potential expressed by the hive, and it even includes the potential of the creatures they learn to deal with in the course of their existence.

There is no real difference between adaptation and evolution, and I don’t mean gross biological adaptation though that happens much faster than they used to think it did, even in humans. Experience itself can cause an event they call a jumping gene. A section of your genome in one of your neurons will pop itself out and patch up the empty space, then move to a new location, changing the behaviour of the new cell it settles in, more or less instant mutation, instant evolution. It happens a lot in fruit flies and even in us. Every animal exists almost like a rung on a ladder, or a bond in a DNA strand. Their consciousness is a necessary element of those beings we consider more evolved.

One example. There are a good number of insect species that have changed their biological natures due to an outside influence of another organism. How evolved do we consider a fungus? Bathroom mold, how smart is it?

It is a genius at being a mold. It doesn’t need to evolve? Actually, they do evolve, and specifically they evolve to move into the space or life of other organisms. In the mentioned case insects, the molds structure and behaviour changed, even to the point that one species of mold even spawns pods that look like termite eggs. This would suggest the mold has some insight into termite behaviour, no? Because termites mistake these mold pods for their own eggs, and pack them when they move to new locations.

Mold is also intrusive to us humans when we breathe. We have a symbiotic mold that grows in our throats. It is our primary source of a vital nutrient. Vitamin k. The mold produces it.

How did the mold get a sense of the termites? There is a thread that runs through all life, like a neuron, but not composed of any physical matter. Each organism is linked to others both in biological dependency and consciousness. This is how we can emotionally bond with species not our own. This is why animals can empathise with us. There is an aspect of their consciousness that resonates at the base level of our own. They have the potential to be like the more conscious creature.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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