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Different Patterns of Connection to Animals in Animal Paths

Animal Paths

To get down to the practical point of tonight’s topic of Animal Paths…

Though we all contain the potential for any animal consciousness, like our neurons wiring together in different ways, we have a different pattern of connection to other animals. Some are stronger than others.

I once had a dream that I was walking on an elevated wooden platform of some strange sort, like one of those construction catwalks or something, but the space felt very cramped. I got the impression I was hunting for something, trying to find something, but only half-heartedly. I also got the sense I was just entertaining myself.

Well, the next morning I got up to discover our family’s cat had knocked one of the knick knacks off a window sill, and the cat made a point of seeking me out to show me what it had done. What do you make of that?

You were connected to the cat, seeing through its eyes. We all have the potential to do this. We don’t even have to be asleep. But just like we tend to be more comfortable with some types of people than others, we have a stronger bond to some animal paths than others so can more easily engage with them and communicate more clearly. You may or may not be a horse person, or a dog person, or a bird person.

Do you think that cats forming such a strong bond with humans has affected us as much as it has them? I do, and we can use that bond for more than just feeling kinship. We can adopt the strengths and insights of these other animals, the patience and perseverance of an ox, or the far sighted goal orientation of a bird of prey.

Even biologically, there is a long list of health benefits for humans with cats. The frequency of a purr is the same frequency known to help heal bones. Established fact. We entrain with them. Our bodies and minds pick up some of their characteristics, become more perceptive, but also more willing to rest, more playful, but less anxious about how time is spent.

I guess what I would offer as a take away is if it seems like an animal is thinking then it is. If it seems to have feelings about stuff and goals and intentions then it does. If you think the animal has human intentions and ambitions though, that is mistaken. Human style thought is unique, and large portions of it are more of an aberration than actually healthy.

It’s lucky animals do not have human intent. Indeed, we would be in a bad place as they would likely seek revenge. They have every reason to do so.

Some people expect animals to behave like humans and then get upset when they don’t. It’s absurd to expect an animal to behave like anything other than a member of its species.

The insight behind animal paths, though, is that the species is not a robot. Cats, and dogs, and everything else learn also. Their culture changes. They adapt over time, and even split along behavioural lines. This is why many new species evolve. One species has a split over migration patterns, and over time give rise to two seemingly new species as they each adapted to new environments. There is evidence that dolphins were a dog like creature that refused to move away from the water.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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