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Meta-Animals in Therians

Shadow People

Are you familiar with elementals? Elementals are units of being that “incarnate” in the base forms of matter, the states of matter. Information patterns that give rise to the potential for more complex beings, like humans, but really not clearly separate from humans.

Earth, air, fire, water? Yes, or solid, gas, liquid, and plasma, if you prefer. They work at the same level as single cell organisms in the human body, but they themselves also form into colonies that entrain to each other behaviourally, giving rise to a large scale but “primitive” intelligence according to human standards.

So interconnecting us? Yes, and connecting us to our environment.

And also intra-connecting each person? Yes. This is why humans show not only the potential to operate as interconnected systems with each other, but this evolutionary pattern shows every evidence of being primary, or primal if you will.

Perhaps a big cohesive part of the morphic field? Yes.

Now just as human DNA formed on a bed of calcium heavy clay, the early forms of organic life, specifically their energy patterns, arose in the interaction of the elemental entities. There was a protoform animal before anything like the first single cell animals formed. At this point even the mineral constitution of our planet has evolved due to the activity of animals on the world’s surface and in its waters. There are compounds in the soil that can’t even occur without animal life being present.

Now the animal and the mineral and thus elemental worlds are intimately connected. Without elemental intelligence, or raw data if you prefer, there could be no animal life. What is intelligence other than data?

Well, in engineering, it’s all data.

I remember that chlorophyll and hemoglobin molecules are only a couple of atoms different from each other. Indeed, each having their origin in the elemental world. Now these formative potentials on the elemental level don’t just sit around waiting to accidentally interact with each other. They communicate data between each other. They resonate with each other. These combined resonance patterns give rise to many operant vectors or agents.

What emerges from such ‘conversations’? Well, among other things, therians. Before therians you have plant elementals, the missing link between elemental and animal life. But therians, which are elementals, move all throughout our environment, working toward the adaptation of individual species and moderating interspecies interaction.

No wonder I feel such close kinship with plants! Plants are your elders. Grandpa Oak is patient and wise, if these days perhaps somewhat senile. But yes, therians are “meta-animals.” They form the system of interaction that allows for physical animal life to form.

Having to absorb all those air pollutants would make anyone senile. Indeed, worse than those poisons anaesthesiologists use.

Normally, therian activity remains at a quasi-elemental level, moving through the environment but not directly impacting a specific species or a specific example of a species in any radical way. But from time to time this changes. Our ancestors would even deliberately utilize the connection between therians and humans.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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