'Therians' Chapter

Shadow People

Just as human DNA formed on a bed of calcium heavy clay, the early forms of organic life, specifically their energy patterns, arose in the interaction of the elemental entities. The animal and the mineral and thus elemental worlds are intimately connected. Without elemental intelligence, or raw data if you prefer, there could be no animal life.

Therians, which are elementals, move all throughout our environment, working toward the adaption of individuals species and moderating interspecies interaction. Each class of therian shows a strong resonance with a species or group of species.

Bee Hives, Human Neurons, Genetic Memory

Of scientific interest, the human brain when engaging in memory retrieval actually seems to follow more or less what bees do when they forage, and bee behaviour seems to follow a similar pattern to human excitatory/inhibitory nerve signals. You mean… Seek More


Are you familiar with elementals? Elementals are units of being that “incarnate” in the base forms of matter, the states of matter. Information patterns that give rise to the potential for more complex beings, like humans, but really not clearly… Seek More

Connection to the World Behind the World

An important point of clarification… In Native American shamanism, their lore told not of many bear spirits, but of one single bear spirit. This tends to confuse modern thinkers, because they see animal behaviour and they do give evidence of… Seek More

Callers in the Wild

The insights gained from temporary empathic union with a therian were adapted to help the shaman understand animal behaviour as well as geological and atmospheric behaviour from an “animal” point of view. But this practice would also leave the shaman… Seek More

Natives of Our Reality

Therians are natives of our reality, our earth. How this relates to our previous topic of vroloks, is that though they have similarities with vroloks, the vroloks are outsiders, viral. They were as therians and are a part of the… Seek More