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You need never predict. Any future is now. What happens next is originating now with our choices and everyone else’s also. And we choose based on what’s on our minds.

Natives of Our Reality in Therians

Shadow People

Therians are natives of our reality, our earth. How this relates to our previous topic of vroloks, is that though they have similarities with vroloks, the vroloks are outsiders, viral. They were as therians and are a part of the world’s healthy balance as it exists properly.

This is also why therians react so negatively to vroloks. It’s an “immune response.” The presence of the equally old but foreign infestation irritates, even aggravates, therian intelligences.

Perhaps an experiential example? A dormant vrolok host will seem to be of a very calm temperament, vary rational, even notably analytical. They will show every evidence of being gregarious, but with no real awareness of rapport let alone concern for achieving it, and an almost aggressive need to inject themselves in among the human population. Without having a purpose that benefits them, they behave like the human equivalent of the gutworm infested ant. Once it gets into their system, it connects to their brain not actually killing the host, and then makes the ant climb a blade of grass and affix itself where it only dies from either starvation or being eaten by a predator which serves the purpose of the parasite as it’s part of its gestation cycle. Vroloks do the same to humans on a psychic level. There is even a form of fungus that also performs the zombie ant trick, so it’s not really unnatural even on the quantum level.

Therians on the other hand generally only “step in.” The human influenced has a wild moment which often quickly passes and serves often to allow for that human beings survival. They behave as if they understood things and had skills they never trained in let alone had experience of, and in more unusual cases a therian will step in for a longer period of time, even form an affinity or symbiosis with the human in this example, giving every evidence of acting as a “guide” for this persons intuition as well as emotional instincts. Sometimes the relationship gets distorted, and the human partner develops an unhealthy fixation of the connection they have with their therian partner, and their minds attempt to reject their human identity.

This is a disturbance on the human side, and in fact the therian partner tries to end these bouts of identification by exhausting the human so their head will clear.

I think you mentioned that therians are also naturally in us? So it sounds like there are more evolved and also primitive forms of therians? Ah indeed, this is why shamans spoke of a hierarchy.

My guess oxytocin is a factor. It may be a second hand oxytocin addiction by virtue of the “virtual” relationship, but yes therians naturally move in and pass through humans. They share our “gene pool.” They even make up our bodily consciousness, but the eldest and wisest therians have established themselves in the elemental domain. They manifest in the form of thunderbirds, dragons, phoenix, things like that.

But back to the human level… In the case of spreading vrolok infestation, therians will group to form an organized response. Forming a pack, perhaps a trigger of one of those herd consciousness moments that show up from time to time, but not consciously or constantly in humans, and they will attempt to “break” the infested humans, not psychologically destroy, more like reawaken their own pack instincts, because it bolsters the “immune system” of the vrolok infested human. Only rarely does this degenerate into violence, and when it does it’s almost always initiated by the vrolok host. This is why serial killers often seem so calm. They are calm, and the vrolok sees what they did as simple self defense.

I wonder if this plays into my own violent fantasies. Violent fantasies are actually quite different. If a therian were working with you, your violent fantasies would trigger your survival instinct, the aversion to turning on your own pack, and it would also work to repress waste of energy as their primary concern is not territorial disputes but survival and prosperity of species. They prefer sex and eating. Violence reduces the chance to eat and have sex.

Except on a fantasy level, I am very aversive to violence. Both of those come into play in my fantasies. You may have partnered with a therian.

I think maybe so. At least one! Yes, it’s possible to bond with a small troupe of therians. The reason I say small troup of therians is that the human tolerance level is soon reached not because of any prejudice.

Energy? Fantasies can contain more energy than the body can! Yes. This is why the energy gets spent that way so often.

So it’s like the hurricanes, a way of balancing. Yes, keeping you in tune with the biome, otherwise you would be “self-contained.”

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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