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If you believe you exist because of what you do, then every moment you are unrealized.

Seamless Reality in Role Play

Role Play

You can only do what you can imagine you can do. It’s impossible to do anything without imagining it, and our children imagine conflict and even horror. They grow up to be able to enact horrors. The more you imagine, and the more terms you have to imagine, or “make images” of anything, the more you can conceivably do.

My friend often shares language with us, and many students of the metaphysical pick up terms from other languages as they explore the concept of the “magic word”. The power behind any word is that it gives you new ways to depict reality to yourself, and new ways to make connections between one element of reality and another. Some people justify incredibly callous behaviour in the virtual world of Second Life, because they entertain the idea, “It’s just a game.”

This is why being multi lingual gives those an edge on other levels of experiencing the spiritual self. Exactly. But no one has to shy away from metaphysical practice just because they don’t feel like they can learn an entire second language. They don’t need to. Those people who act so coarse in Second Life say, “Well, this isn’t the real me.”

In Alchemy, symbology is a highly efficient and necessarily cryptic method of conveyance. It’s cryptic to allow synergism, amalgamation and interaction of various perceptions.

Is anything you do actually “real” friends? Are my assertions off base?

I feel strongly that it’s all real. Excellent. Now we can get paradoxical and it might make sense, because I will offer you this. Reality is seamless.

There is no break to keep the yellow M&M’s out of the greens. It’s we who create divisions. So since reality and the “imaginary” cannot both actually exist, and we have the faculty of imagination, then in fact, imagination cannot be “fake”. People say their imagination runs away with them, like it’s a defect of character. They are overlooking something pretty important.

This seemingly mysterious capacity that imagination has to “act on its own”, is just the very real perception that what you are “imagining” has a life of its own. Its own rules and patterns of cause and effect. In fact, the Taoists offer the best explanation of this. That the thing as you imagine it, and the thing as it makes itself evident to your senses, are co-arising. One does not happen before or after the other. They are part of the exact same reality. What makes it look like one happens, and then the other, is that the focus of your attention shifted. That’s all.

Magic. Yes, and your focus does determine your reality.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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